Newsletter No. 259

News 1
Faculty of Medicine to Set up Li Ka Shing institute of Health Sciences 1
Helmsmen of the School of Law Speak Their Minds 1
E-Newsletter Abstract 1
Volume 2 No. 10 1
CUHK Sets up Centre for the Study of Humanistic Buddhism 1
CUHK Graduates Win Best Paper Award of Association of American Geographers 1
CUHK Chinese Major Wins Laurels at National English Speech Contest 1
Institute Aims to Alleviate Hearing Problems of Hong Kong Seniors 2
CUHK Music Graduate Wins Top Dissertation Prize 2
Study Illuminates Emotional Side of Stroke 2
Service to the Community and International Organizations 2
Personalia 3
Announcements 4
Naming of Facilities 4
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme and MPFS 4
Scholarships/Fellowships at the Harvard-Yenching Institute 4
Charity Film Premiere 5
Mobile Telephones (VK Mobile VK550 and VK580) 5