Newsletter No. 261

News 1
E-Newsletter Abstract 1
Volume 2 No. 11 1
Volume 2 No. 12 1
CUHK Confers Nine Honorary Fellowships 1
Top Economists to Deliver Sun Hung Kai Properties Nobel Laureates Distinguished Lectures 1
CUHK Awarded NIH Grant for Anticancer Botanical Research Centre 1
CUHK Student Wins First R.C. Lee Centenary Scholarship 1
Nine Recognized for Teaching Excellence 1
Support for Six Projects 1
Naming of New PC3 Laboratory 2
Rising Salt Intake Predisposes Locals to Hypertention 2
CUHK's First Course on Bone Anchored Hearing Aid 2
CUHK Graduates Highly Employable, Survey Reveals 2
For Your Eyes Only 2
Laurels for CUHK Staff and Student at Medical and Biological Conference 2
CUHK Aviation Policy Experts on Privatization of Airport Authority 2
Personalia 3
Features 4
Profiles of Honorary Fellows 2005 4
Dr. Cheung Huen-cheong, Thomas 4
Dr. Chou Wen Hsien 4
Mr. Lee Kam Chung 5
Mr. Lee Woo Sing 4
Mr. Li Fook Hing 4
Mr. Mong Tak Yeung, David 5
Prof. Mun Kin Chok 4
Dr. Wang Cheung Tze, Charles 4
Ms. Yan Hau Yee, Lina 5
Announcements 6
Professorial Appointments 6
Professor of Infectious Diseases 6
Professor of Public Health 6
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme and MPFS 6
Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995)—Investment Option Change 6
Canteen Overhaul and Renovation 6
University Swimming Pool Notice 6