Newsletter No. 268

News 1
CUHK-CAS Partnership in High-speed Connection and Research Collaboration 1
E-Newsletter Abstract 1
Volume 2 No. 20 1
CUHK Researchers Honoured with Young Scientist Award 1
Catholic Diocese Supports Establishment of Centre for Catholic Studies at CUHK 1
World Expert in Genetics Visits United College 1
Support For Two Projects 2
Students from Five Continents Connected by the Chinese Language 2
Survey Shows Ethnic Minorities Feel Discriminated Against in HK 2
Announcements 2
Naming of Facilities 2
Staffing Arrangements on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve 2
Advancement of Pay Date 2
Service to the Community and International Organizations 2
Personalia 3
Features 4
Healthy Campus 4
Pandemic Preparation for Avian Flu/Influenza 4
Advice from a Microbiologist 5
Eliminate Mosquitoes for a Healthier Campus 5
New Books 6