Newsletter No. 274

News 1
Nobel Laureate Illuminates How Financial Innovation Enhances Prosperity 1
Siu Lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellow Programme 2005–06 of Chung Chi College 1
ULS Exhibition to Honour World-renowned Botanist 1
CUHK Pioneers Use of Cardiac Contractility Modulation 1
Faculty of Social Science Honours Outstanding Teachers and Students 2
CUHK Anthropology Celebrates 25th Anniversary 2
Announcements 2
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme and MPFS 2
The Exemplary Service Award 2005–06 2
Hepatitis Awareness Campaign in March 2
Features 3
Capturing Flowing Water and Moving Clouds: Prof. Chan Sau-yan on Chinese Opera Information Centre and Cantonese Opera in Hong Kong 3
Three Teaching Staff Receive Funding to Further Research at Harvard-Yenching Institute 6
Dr. Siu Kam-wah, Department of History 6
Prof. Wilson Wong, Department of Government and Public Administration 6
Mr. Chen Hon-fai, Department of Sociology 6
Personalia 4
New Books 5