Newsletter No. 283

News & Events 1
Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates 2006 1
CUHK Upholds <em>Liangwen Sanyu</em> and Proposes to Enhance the Environment for Bilingual Education 1
CUHK Proves Top Choice of Top Students in 2006 Admissions Exercise 2
CUHK Faculty of Education Chosen as First Associated International Site of the National Writing Project 3
Eye on Campus 1
Announcements 3
Emeritus Professors 3
Professorial Appointments 3
ULS Opening Hours on National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival 4
Photo Exhibition by Cheung Chan Fai 4
Campus Health Ambassador Programme 4
雇员储蓄互助社董事及委员名单 4
更正 4
Discoveries & Achievements 5
CUHK Launches System for Fast Design and Production of Chinese-style Computer Games 5
Otitis Media with Effusion Can Cause Hearing Loss, Study Finds 5
Features 6
An Interview with Chairman of the Committee on Bilingualism Prof. Ambrose King 6
Personalia 7