Newsletter No. 285

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 6 崇基学院五十五周年校庆活动 55th Anniversary Celebration of Chung Chi College of CUHK 崇基学院为志创校五十五周年,将于十月起举办连串庆祝活动,包括由学院与音乐系和大 学图书馆系统合办的中西音乐资料藏品展、崇基学院校史档案馆开幕典礼、校庆日感恩崇 拜等。十月二十八日假香港洲际酒店举行的校庆晚宴,更让不同年代的校友、学生和教职 员等叙首同欢。 此外,亦有学术、艺术、出版、学生访问等多项校庆活动,如宗教与中国社会研究中心将举 行成立十周年研讨会,第三届「基督教与中国社会文化」国际年青学者研讨会,以及摄影、 国画、书法和工艺作品展览。详情可浏览 。 The year of 2006 marks the 55th anniversary of Chung Chi College. A series of celebratory events has been launched in the coming months and they will continue throughout the 2006–07 academic year. The highlight of the celebrations will take place in October 2006. Apart from traditional Founders’ Day programmes such as the Thanksgiving Service and the Student Festival, there are the Exhibition of the Music Archive, a large-scale exhibition of the precious collections of the Department of Music jointly presented by the college, the Music Department and the University Library System; the opening ceremony of the Chung Chi College Archive on 27th October 2006; and the 55th Anniversary Celebration Banquet on 28th October 2006 at InterContinental Hong Kong. Other activities include the 10th Anniversary Conference of the Centre for the Study of Religion and Chinese Society and the 3rd International Young Scholars’ Symposium on Christianity and Chinese Society and Culture; and art exhibitions. For details, please visit . 文物馆三十五周年志庆展览 Art Museum: Forthcoming Exhibitions in Celebration of 35th Anniversary 游于艺:35年以来受赠文物 日期:二零零六年十月二十八日至二零零七年二 月 地点:文物馆西翼展览厅 中国晚期金饰 日期:二零零六年十一月十日至二零零七年二月 地点:文物馆东翼展览厅 学苑英华:文物馆海报及书刊 日期:二零零六年十一月十七日至十二月二十三日 地点:大学图书馆展览厅 文物馆于一九七一年创馆,历年蒙热心赞助人、收 藏家、基金会、馆友会、有关机构及各方友好的热 心捐赠和支持,藏品甚丰。为志庆文物馆建馆三十 五周年,特别挑选历年捐赠文物精品,举办「游于 艺:35年以来受赠文物」专题展览,弘扬中国文物 的艺术成就,推广中国文物的欣赏及研究,并感谢各界的热心捐赠和关爱支持。 另一项为志庆三十五周年而精心策划的专题展览是「中国晚期金饰」,主题是宋代以来的中 国金饰。展品二百余项,主要精选自承训堂藏品,并辅以沐 文堂及梦蝶轩藏品。此外特别商借湖北省博物馆藏明梁 庄王墓出土金饰二十多项,较全面地展示宋代以来 的中国金饰的主要面貌。为配合展览,文物馆将联 同文物馆馆友会及香港艺术馆,于十一月九日及十 日假香港艺术馆举办《中国晚期金饰研讨会》,并 出版《承训堂藏金器》图录。 此外,「学苑英华:文物馆海报及书刊」则回顾该 馆三十五年来,为致力推广中国文物的欣赏及研究 而举办的文物艺术展览和出版的学术刊物。 The Art of Giving: Thirty-five Years of Donation to the Art Museum Date: 28th October 2006 – February 2007 Venue: West-wing Galleries, Art Museum Later Chinese Gold Ornaments Date: 10th November 2006 – February 2007 Venue: East-wing Galleries, Art Museum Opening: 9th November 2006 (Thursday) at 3:30 p.m. Publications and Posters of the Art Museum: The First 35 Years Date: 17th November – 23rd December 2006 Venue: Exhibition Hall, University Library, CUHK Since its inception in 1971, the Art Museum has assembled a sizable collection with donations from many benefactors, collectors, institutes, foundations and museums. Two special exhibitions have been scheduled this fall to celebrate the Art Museum’s 35th anniversary: Later Chinese Gold Ornaments, opening on 10th November, and The Art of Giving: Thirsty-five Years of Donation to the Art Museum, on 28th October. While the gifts are a tribute to all donors for their support, the gold ornaments, amounting to over 200 items, are mainly on loan from the Cheng Xun Tang collection, with supplemented pieces from the collections of Muwen Tang and Mengdiexuan. In addition, some 20 excavated relics from Prince Liang Tomb of the early 15th century will be provided by the Hubei Provincial Museum. To accompany the exhibition, a symposium jointly organized with the Friends of the Art Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of Art will be held on 9th and 10th November in the Lecture Hall of the Hong Kong Museum of Art, and a scholarly catalogue of the Cheng Xun Tang collection of gold objects will be published. There will be another exhibition, ‘Publications and Posters of the Art Museum: The First 35 Years’, opening on 17th November at the University Library, which is within walking distance to the west of the Art Museum. It is a retrospective exhibition of the museum’s posters and publications spanning the past 35 years. 昆曲班 Kunqu Workshop 音乐系戏曲资料中心将举办「昆曲班」(第三期),欢迎初学者及对昆曲有兴趣的人士参 加。课程详情如下: 日期:二零零六年十一月二十二日至二零零七年一月二十四日(逢星期三) 时间:下午六时至七时半 地点:许让成楼戏曲资料中心 导师:张丽真女士(资深昆曲导师及昆曲演唱家) 苏思棣先生(昆笛导师) 堂数:十堂 费用:一千港元(全日制学生半价优惠) 研习选段:(一)《牡丹亭惊梦》之〈山桃红〉(小生唱段) (二)《牡丹亭惊梦》之〈绵搭絮〉(旦角唱段) 名额共十位,先到先得。报名或查询,请致电戏曲资料中心(二六零三五零九八)。 The Chinese Opera Information Centre offers Kunqu classes to the public on a regular basis. The courses have been scheduled as follows: Duration: 22nd November 2006 to 24th January 2007 (every Wednesday evening) Time: 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. Venue: RoomG06, Hui Yeung Shing Building, Chinese Opera Information Centre, CUHK Sessions: 10 Tuition Fee: $1000 (50% discount applies to all full-time students) Tutors: Ms. Chang Lai-chun and Mr. Sou Si-tai Enrolment will be on a first-come-first-served basis. For enquiries and enrolment, please contact Ms. Milky Cheung at 2603 5098 before 15th November 2006. Mission Hills Golf Club Membership The University is a Diamond member of the Mission Hills Golf Club (MHGC) in Shenzhen. Staff from the University may be nominated as a member of MHGC. Terms (A) and equivalent terms staff are invited to bid for the privilege of being the University- nominated member (w.e.f. 1st January 2007) on the following terms and conditions: 1. The minimum bid (monthly charge payable to the University) is $1. 2. Membership is subject to the nominee remaining a full-time Terms A/equivalent employee of the University. 3. The new member pays the non-refundable nomination transfer fee of $20,000 charged by MHGC. The fee can be paid via payroll deductions over a period of two years. 4. The minimum term is two years; it can be extended for another year at the request of the member, subject to agreement by the University. 5. The Vice-Chancellor has discretion over the assignment of membership. In case of similar bidding prices, preference will be given to those who have not been a nominee before. 6. In addition to the monthly charge payable to the University, the nominated member is required to pay a monthly membership fee to the golf club concerned, plus other usage charges. 7. The member is required to abide by the rules of the golf club. Eligible staff members who are interested should submit their bids to the Tender Board, c/o Business Office, G/F, John Fulton Centre, indicating the amount he/she is willing to pay to the University as the monthly charge. Bids should be submitted in envelopes marked ‘Application for Golf Club Membership’. All submissions must reach the Tender Board before 2.30 p.m. on Thursday, 2nd November 2006. Please contact Ms Jacqueling Cho at ext. 7887 for any further information and visit the Business Office’s homepage at to download the bidding form.