Newsletter No. 291

Information in this section can only  be accessed with CWEM password .   若要浏览本部分的资料, 请须输 入 中大校园电子邮件密码 。 第二九一期 二零零七年一月十九日 No. 291 19 January 2007 3 大 学宣布将于今年九月开办工程与工商管理四年制 双学位课程,是同类形课程中第一个无招生配额 限制的。 课程由工程学院与工商管理学院合办,选修任何工程学 院课程的学生将于首三年主修工程科目及修读额外的工 商管理科目。在取得首个学位后,于第四年完成工商管 理的科目并取得第二个学位。这个双学位课程提供极大 的灵活性,是专为在语言及分析能力表现卓越,并对 企业和金融世界亦感兴趣的理科生而设。除联招学生 外,课程亦欢迎中六生优先录取计划的学生或内地生 报读。 工程学院副院长(教育)陈丽云教 授表示,根据最新的就业调查,超 过八成的中大工程学院毕业生投身 商业及服务性机构,当中逾两成六 是加入银行和金融业机构的,而他 们的工作常涉及资讯科技的知识和 技术。 中大的双学士课程毕业生同时配 备专业技术和商业知识,在急速 变化知识型经济中有更多元化的 就业机会。 课程详细资料,可浏览: www.erg. C UHK announces that a Four-year Double Degree Programme in Engineering and Business Administration will be launched in September 2007. The programme is jointly offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business Administration and is the first one of its kind that has no quota limit in admission. Students will spend the first three years majoring in engineering and taking additional business courses. In the fourth year, studentswould proceed to continue their studies in the Business School to complete the second degree in business administration in one year. The programme offers great flexibility and is designed for science students who are strong in languages and analytical skills, at the same time, interested in the business and financial world. Students from the Early Admission Scheme (EAS) or Mainland China are 全新工程与工商管理双学位课程 New Four-year Engineering and BA Double Degree Programme particularly welcome to join this programme. Prof. Chan LaiWan, AssociateDean (Education) of the Faculty of Engineering, said, ‘According to the latest employment survey, over 80% of CUHK engineering graduates are working in the commercial and service sector. Of these, more than 26% have joined the banking and finance industry, and their job nature usually involves IT and technical knowledge.’ Graduates of the double degree programme will be equipped with both strong technical and business knowledge. This would give the versatility and flexibility to have successful careers in the emerging knowledge-based economy. For details of the Engineering and Business Administration Double Degree Programme, please visit (左起) 工商管理学院副院长 (本科课程) 苏伟文教授、工程学院副院长 (外务) 黄锦辉 教授和工程学院副院长 (教育) 陈丽云教授回答新双学位课程提问 (From left) Prof. Raymond So, Associate Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Faculty of Business Administration, Prof. Wong Kam Fai, Associate Dean (External Affairs), Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Chan Lai Wan, Associate Dean (Education), Faculty of Engineering, explaining the details of the new four-year double degree programme 其他消息 Other News Items 以下消息详情,请上网阅览: Details of the following news items are available at ■ EMBA 论坛—陈启宗博士论香港楼巿­ EMBA Forum — Dr. Ronnie Chan Lectures on HK Real Estate Market ■ 中国现代文学珍本展 ■ 第二届公司治理青年学者论坛 2nd Corporate Governance Research Incubator