Newsletter No. 294

News & Events 1
Nobel Laureate Douglass C. North Lectures at CUHK 1
饶宗颐教授九秩华诞祝寿晚宴 1
「天人互益」:饶宗颐教授讲辞 2
何文汇教授讲辞 2
Personalia 3
Discoveries & Achievements 4
CUHK Engineering Scientist Receives Prestigious German Research Award 4
Business Students Win Joint University Marketing Communications Award 4
Bariatric Surgery Offers Effective Treatment to Metabolic Syndrome in Severely Obese 5
Air Pollution Increases Hospital Admissions of Pulmonary Disease Sufferers 5
Announcements 6
The Exemplary Service Award 2006–07 6
Public Lecture on Translation 6
Kunqu Workshop 6
University Library System Opening Hours During Ching Ming and Easter Holidays 6
Exhibition ‘Fifty Years of Cultural and Educational Development in Hong Kong’ 6