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中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 12 P rof. Chair Sek-ying from the Nethersole School of Nursing has been awarded this year’s First Prize of Cardiac Nursing Award in ‘Excellence or Innovation in Acute or Critical Care’ and Third Prize in ‘Excellence or Innovation in Cardiac Intervention or Surgery’. These inaugural awards were co-organized by the British Journal of Cardiac Nursing and the British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care. Prof. Chair was honoured for her contributions to evidence-based research with the purpose of 车锡英教授获心脏护理杰出奖 CUHK Nursing Specialist Awarded Cardiac Nursing Awards 那 打素护理学院车锡英教授,在改善病人护理 和促进病人康复的循证为本研究上有杰出成 就,荣获2007年度心脏护理杰出奖「卓越/创新急性 或危重护理奖」一等奖和「卓越/创新心脏介入或手 术奖」三等奖。此等奖项由《英国心脏护理杂志》与 英国心脏护理协会于今年首度设立。 车教授的研究证明,护士在促进病人福祉方面,扮演 着独立而关键的角色,换句话说,适当的护理有助病 人更快康复,并能提高治疗效果。 车教授表示:「护士须要全面周详地照顾病人,所以 在照料病人的工作上,可以发挥更主动和正面的作 用。我其中一项得奖的研究是关于接受冠状动脉造影 手术病人的背痛问题。通常术后护理是由医生凭其 判断作出指引,而不是以循证为本的研究结果为 根据;现行的普遍做法是要病人卧床休息达24 小时。我的研究证实,护士介入──在这个例 子是协助病人转换睡姿──可减轻病人长时 间卧床的不适,又不会增加术后并发症出 现的机会。」车教授希望,随着更多优 秀的临床研究面世,专业护理人员可为 促进病人的最大福祉作出更多贡献。 中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter improving patient care and well-being. Her research proved that nurses can be of an independent and crucial role in promoting the physical comfort of the patients and thus, in turn, speeding up recovery and enhancing therapy. ‘A nurse can play a more pro-active and positive role in promoting patient care. They take care of the patients from a wholistic approach. One of my studies looked into the back pain of patients after coronary angiography. Conventionally, post surgery care has been mainly guided by physician discretion rather than based on empirical knowledge. And the current practice protocol restricts patients for up to 24-hour bed rest. My research proved that nursing intervention, in this case helping the patients to change positions in bed, will help decrease patients’ discomfort due to prolong bed rest without causing any increase in complications as originally believed,’ said Prof. Chair. She hopes that with more quality clinical research, nursing specialists can contribute more to promoting patients’ well-being. 以下项目详情,请上网阅览 Details of the following items are available at: ■ 澳门黑沙考古发现 New Archaeological Discoveries in Hac Sá, Coloane, Macau ■ Eleven Research Projects Received Grants 中 大学生彭晓欣夺得2007年罗兵咸永道会计学优异奖,是该奖项成立六年以 来,第四位获奖的中大学生。 「罗兵咸永道会计学优异奖」前称「容永道会计学优异奖计划」,由容永道先生于 2001年设立,目的是鼓励在内地和香港有志在会计行业发展及成绩优异的学生。该奖 每年均会提供奖学金予三位分别于北京、上海及香港就读会计学本科课程而表现卓越 的学生。 今年的得奖人分别来自中大、北京大学及上海财经大学。遴选委员会认为中大会计学 院准三年级学生彭晓欣沟通技巧尤其出色,并在面试中表现她心思缜密、做事专注认 真的一面。她除获得三万元奖学金,更会在罗兵咸永道会计师事务所接受为期六至八 周的海外实习训练。 S haron Pang of CUHK has won the PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholarship 2007. She is the fourth winner of this scholarship from CUHK in the past six years. ThePricewaterhouseCoopers ScholarshipProgramme, formerlyknownas theSanfordYung Scholar Programme, was set up by Mr. Sanford Yung in 2001 to encourage and promote excellence in accounting among top Hong Kong and mainland university students. The programme provides three scholarships each year to the most outstanding undergraduate students in accounting in universities from Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The winners this year come from CUHK, Peking University, and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. Sharon, a year-three student in Professional Accountancy in the coming September, impressed the selection panel with her excellent communication skill and concentration during the interview. She has won a cash award of HK$30,000 and an overseas internship for six to eight weeks with PricewaterhouseCoopers. 左起:彭太太(得奖者母亲)、容永道先生(前香港永道会计师事务所主席)、彭晓欣、 杨绍信先生(罗兵咸永道执行主席及首席合伙人)、谢家正教授(中大会计学院院长) 及彭先生(得奖者父亲)。 From left: Mrs. Pang (mother of awardee); Mr. Sanford Yung, former chairman of Coopers and Lybrand; Sharon Pang; Mr. Silas Yang, executive chairman and senior partner of PwC; Prof. James Xie, Director of School of Accountancy of CUHK; Mr. Pang (father of awardee) 中大学生夺罗兵咸永道会计学优异奖 CUHK Student Wins PricewaterhouseCoopers Scholarship 1. 本刊每月出版两期,农历年和暑期停刊。截稿日期 载于本刊网页( ) 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis except during the Chinese New Year and summer vacation. Deadlines for contributions can be found at . 2. 来稿请寄沙田香港中文大学资讯处《中大通讯》编辑部(电话 2609 8584/2609 8681 ,传真 2603 6864 ,电邮 ) 。 All contributions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter , Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (tel. 2609 8584/2609 8681; fax. 2603 6864; e-mail pub2@uab.cuhk. ). 3. 编辑有权删改及决定是否刊登来稿。 The Editor reserves the right to decline contributions and to edit all articles. 香港中文大学资讯处出版 Published by the Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong