Newsletter No. 302

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 2 第四届人口地理国际会议 The Fourth International Conference on Population Geographies 由 地理与资源管理学系主办的第四届人口地理国际会议,已于7月10日至13日假利黄瑶璧 楼举行。该系沈建法教授担任是次会议组织委员会主席。社会科学院院长李少南教授与 系主任冯通教授在开幕礼上致欢迎辞。 与会者150人,来自36个国家和地区,共发表125篇论文,涵盖当代人口地理学的研究主题与前 沿。圣安德鲁大学Prof. Paul Boyle和加州大学洛杉矶分校范芝芬教授分别在会上发表主题演讲。 T he Fourth International Conference on Population Geographies, organized by the Department of Geography and Resource Management, was held at the Esther Lee Building from 10 to 13 July. The local organizing committee was chaired by Prof. Shen Jianfa of the department. Prof. Paul Lee, dean of the Faculty of Social Science, and Prof. Fung Tung, chairman of the department, delivered welcome speeches at the opening session. The conference attracted 150 participants from 36 countries and regions. One hundred and twenty- five papers were presented, covering the major themes and research frontiers of contemporary population geography. Keynote speakers of the conference were Prof. Paul Boyle of University of St Andrews and Prof. Cindy Fan of University of California, Los Angeles. 左起:沈建法教授、Prof. Paul Boyle、范芝芬教授、李少南教授与冯通教授 摄于开幕礼上 From left: Prof. Shen Jianfa, Prof. Paul Boyle, Prof. Cindy Fan, Prof. Paul Lee and Prof. Fung Tung at the opening session 乘风破浪──中大夺八大划艇赛六连冠 CUHK Becomes Six-Time Rowing Champion 中 大在8月18、19日于沙田城门河举行的「第13届全港大学划艇锦标赛」中,蝉联全 场总冠军及女子组全场总冠军,成为六连冠。这项学界最盛大的划艇比赛,今年 有八所大学、合共170多位健儿参与。 为备战赛事,中大划艇队早在5月已开始每周六天、每天四至六小时的训练。已经第三年 参赛的队长马浩云说,这次比赛最令他难忘的,是重夺去年失落的男子八人单桨有舵手艇 赛冠军。这项赛事是锦标赛的高潮,各队尽派精锐出战,因此过程异常激烈。「四艘赛艇 同时冲线,要靠拍照分胜负,我们听到理大的队员欢呼,一时还以为自己输了。当最后宣 布是中大胜出的一刻,艇上队员都顿时高兴得哭了。」 马浩云觉得夺魁的 最重要原因,是中 大划艇队薪火相传 的文化,凭着这种 文化的维系,许多 旧生都回来义务帮 忙训练,现役队 员感受到他们的热 诚,也就更加倍努 力。 划艇队还会在9月 中的两大划艇赛中 再迎战港大,并于 8月底前往厦门参 加高校邀请赛,与 两岸三地大学的对 手同场较量。 T he rowing team from CUHK secured the titles of Women’s Overall Champion and Overall Champion in the 13th Hong Kong Universities Rowing Championships, making it the winner of the competition for the sixth year in a row. The events were held on 18 and 19 August at the Shing Mun River, Shatin with over 170 rowers from eight local tertiary institutions taking part in it. Beginning in May, the CUHK rowing team practised six days a week, four to six hours a day to prepare for the competition. Team leader Ma Ho Wan said, ‘What excited me the most was that the team reclaimed the trophy of Men’s Eight, which we had lost in the previous year.’ This match, participated by the best rowers from each team, was the climax of the whole event. ‘The competition was so keen that four boats crossed the finish line neck by neck. The team from PolyU was cheering and we thought they won. As the CUHK team was declared winner in a photo finish, the crew burst into tears of joy.’ The team will take on the HKU team again in the Intervarsity Rowing Championships in mid-September. They will also leave for Xiamen to compete with rowers from other higher institutions from Hong Kong, mainland China and Taiwan in the end of August. 教 育学院「写得好」计划,于5月19日圆满举行了一次会议,有超 过80位中小学老师和校长参加。在教育学院院长李子建教授、 田长霖博士科技创新基金会董事钟永 先生、「写得好」计划主任麦陈 淑贤教授先后致词揭开序幕后,港大访问教授Prof. Liz Hamp-Lyons即发 表主题演讲,接着举行由麦陈淑贤教授主持的工作坊,介绍在美国很流 行的「六加一」评量标准。 到了下午,来自三所不同中学的优秀老师分享写作教学的经验。活动的 另一个焦点,是让中一至中三学生参加的写作比赛,这项活动旨在通过 写作来激发学生的创意。 T he WrITE Conference of the Writing for Integrated Teacher Education ( WrITE ) Project of the Faculty of Education was successfully held on 19 May with over 80 participants. Prof. John Lee, dean of education; Mr. Leslie Chung, director of the Dr. Tien Chang Lin Technology Innovation Foundation Limited; and Prof. Barley Mak, director of the WrITE Project, gave their opening speeches respectively at the opening session. The keynote speech given by Prof. Liz Hamp-Lyons, visiting professor of education fromThe University of Hong Kong, on ‘Writing for Assessment, Assessment for Writing’ was followed by a workshop on the ‘Use of the National Writing Project (NWP) Writing Assessments to Support Teacher Professional Development in Hong Kong’, which was facilitated by Prof. Barley Mak. In the afternoon, excellent teachers from three secondary schools led sharing sessions on their experiences in using different strategies and practices to improve the learning and teaching of writing. Last but not least was a writing competition aimed at encouraging students’ creativity and celebrating the beauty of writing. 「写得好」计划会议圆满举行 WrITE Conference Held with Success 左起:龚大胃教授、钟永 先生、Prof. Liz Hamp-Lyons、李子建教授、 麦陈淑贤教授 From left: Prof. David Coniam, Mr. Leslie Chung, Prof. Liz Hamp-Lyons, Prof. John Lee and Prof. Barley Mak