Newsletter No. 304

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter ‘M y primary and secondary education on the mainland gave me a solid foundation, whereas CUHK has provided me with many opportunities for broadeningmy perspective.’ Zhang Tianyu, a graduating Integrated BBA student, has enjoyed the double advantage of an education spanning the mainland and Hong Kong. With her outstanding performance, Tianyu defeated 50 contenders to become the Hong Kong Rhodes Scholar this year. Tianyu is the seventh Rhodes Scholar of the University in 10 years, and the first mainland student to be awarded the honour at CUHK. A native of Shenyang in Liaoning Province, Tianyu moved to Shenzhen with her family at age 11. Upon graduation from high school, she was sent to the cradle of diplomats, the Beijing Foreign Studies University. But her father believes that studying at Hong Kong can expand a young person’s vision. Tianyu also wished to major in business, an area for which Hong Kong, being a global financial hub, provides an ideal environment. In the end, she decided to enrol at The Chinese University. The linguistically talented Tianyu knew no Cantonese when she arrived, but went on to win the second place at a Cantonese speech contest at the University. She was also active in extracurricular activities and was the captain of the Chung Chi tennis team. Tianyu’s talent set her apart in the Rhodes Scholar selection process which required short-listed candidates to have dinner with the judging panel besides attending an interview. She recalls the walls of the restaurant were decorated with many paintings. ‘One of the judges, who knew a lot about art, pointed at a painting and asked me which era it was.’ Despite her limited knowledge of art as she modestly claimed, Tianyu made the right guess after giving it some thought — it was the 1990s work of a Taiwanese painter. The judges were duly impressed. 推动本土历史研究的重镇──李和声香港历史资源中心开幕 Opening of the Lee Woo Sing Hong Kong History Resource Centre 马临教授,以及中大副校长兼 逸夫书院院长程伯中教授主礼。 程伯中教授致词谓,希望这个 以香港历史为主题的中心,能 令学生对本土文化发展有更深 刻体会。李和声校董则感谢逸 夫书院抱着负责任的态度运用 捐助,因应学生和社会的需要 调整中心的发展方向,他更希 望中大学生乃至社会更能懂得 欣赏香港的历史。历史系何佩 然教授呼吁各界提供资源,丰 富中心馆藏,以便有更全面的 资料去推动本地历史研究。 中心逢星期一至五早上9时至晚 上6时开放。详情可致电2696 1886查询。 T he Lee Woo Sing Hong Kong History Resource Centre opened on 12 September at Shaw College amidst much talk in town about collective memory. Officiating at the ceremony were Ms. Esa Leung, 左起:程伯中教授、李和声先生、梁洁玲女士、马临教授 From left: Prof. P.C. Ching, Mr. Lee Woo-sing, Ms. Esa Leung, and Prof. Ma Lin 翔天之羽──中大内地生膺罗德学人 CUHK Mainland Student Awarded Rhodes Scholarship 集 体回忆成为近来的热门议题,李和声香港历史 资源中心也刚于9月12日在逸夫书院开幕,由古 物古迹办事处执行秘书梁洁玲女士、大学校董兼逸夫 书院校董会副主席李和声先生、逸夫书院校董会主席 「 在 内地读中小学,知识基础较为稳固,而在 中大读书,有很多扩阔眼界的机会。」 工商管理学士综合课程应届毕业生张天羽,结合中港 两地教育的优势,凭着突出的表现,击败50名对手, 获得本年度香港区罗德奖学金。她是中大十年来第七 位罗德学人,并是本校首个获此殊荣的内地学生。 祖籍辽宁沈阳的天羽,11岁举家迁至深圳,中学毕业 后获保送至以培养外交官著名的北京外国语大学。但 她父亲认为香港是国际化都会,在这里升学可扩阔眼 界;天羽本身则希望修读商科,香港这个国际金融中 心正是理想环境,所以最后决定报读中大。 天羽甚有语言天分,初来港时不懂广东话的她,后来 竟然在广东话演讲比赛中获得亚军。她还积极参加各 类课外活动,更是崇基网球队队长。 天羽的聪颖亦在罗德奖学金的遴选过程中突显,除了 面试外,入围学生还被安排与遴选委员共晋晚餐。天 羽忆述,晚膳的餐厅挂了许多画:「有对艺术有研究 的委员指着一幅画,叫我猜是哪年代画家的作品。」 自谦对绘画研究不多的天羽,凭着画中的物件及笔 触,猜出是出自90年代台湾画家的手笔,令委员留下 深刻印象。 师友眼中的张天羽 How Others See Her 天羽为人积极主动,往往是早到迟走的一位,又喜欢提 问,从她提出的问题中,看出她曾下功夫,并非为问而 问,令人留下印象。此外,天羽交的功课比一般学生有深 度,是一个很用心和认真的学生。 Tianyu is an active and enthusiastic young woman who is always the first to arrive and the last to leave. She is very fond of posing educated, well-thought-out questions which never fail to leave an indelible mark. She is also a focused and serious student whose homework reflects more insight than that of the average student. 商学院副院长苏伟文教授 Prof. Raymond So Wai-man, associate dean of the BA Faculty 天羽在念大学时甚至更早就已经有清晰的人生路向,她曾 透过崇基学院的交流计划入读美国宾夕法尼亚大学沃顿商 学院,令她扩阔了视野,并为她对知识的孜孜追求奠下坚 实的基础。 Tianyu knew exactly what she wanted in life during her under- graduate life or possibly even well before that. Through the exchange programme run by Chung Chi College, she had the opportunity to study at the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. This broadened her horizons and laid a solid foundation for her pursuit of knowledge. 香港机场管理局行政总裁许汉忠先生 崇基学长计划中天羽的学长 Mr. Stanley Hui, CEO, Airport Authority Hong Kong, Tianyu’s mentor 天羽思想成熟、实事求是,学业成绩出众,但又很谦虚。 她每做一事,无不竭尽所能,力臻完善。 Tianyu is very mature and pragmatic. She is outstanding academically and yet remains humble. She always strives to do her best. 崇基学院学生辅导长方永平教授 Prof. Fong Wing-ping, dean of students of Chung Chi College 天羽待人很友善,有人向她请教功课,她都很乐意回 答,而且她学什么都很用心。记得一年级时,我们一 起上游泳课。那时候她还不大会游,上完课以后,她 游得非常好。相信除了学习能力强外,一定花了许多 时间练习。 Tianyu is very friendly. She’s always willing to oblige when classmates seek her help in homework. She also has excellent focus. In Year I, we took a swimming course together. She barely knew how to swim then. But after the course, she was swimming very well. Besides being a fast learner, I’m sure she must have spent a lot of time practising. 杨颖琳,天羽的同学 Winnie Yeung, Tianyu’s classmate executive secretary of Antiquities and Monuments Office; Mr. Lee Woo-sing, University Council member and vice-chairman of the Shaw College Board of Trustees; Prof. Ma Lin, chairman of the Shaw College Board of Trustees; and Prof. P.C. Ching, Pro-Vice- Chancellor and head of Shaw College. Prof. P.C. Ching hopes better exposure to historical information on Hong Kong will deepen students’ understanding of the development of local culture. Mr. Lee Woo-sing expressed thanks to Shaw College for its responsible attitude towards his donation and its move to adjust the centre’s orientation to meet the changing needs of students and society. He hopes this will lead to better appreciation for the history of Hong Kong. Prof. Ho Pui-yin of the History Department urges all to help enrich the centre’s collection so that more comprehensive information will be available and the study of local history can be promoted. The centre is open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on weekdays. Students, staff and the public are welcome to visit. For enquiries, please call 2696 1886.