Newsletter No. 305

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 非教学雇员的绩效评核和发展 Performance Review and Development (PRD) for Non-teaching Staff 2006 – 07年度(即2006年7月1日至2007年6月30日)的非教学雇员绩效评核程序已 正式展开,大学今年将实施新的绩效评核和发展制度,有关详情之通函、绩效评 核和发展指引,以及评核报告表格,已刊载于人事处网页( http://perntc.per.cuhk . ) 。 评核员须填写受评核雇员2006 – 07年度的评核报告。评核员在与受评核雇员晤谈 前,须先填妥第一、二部分的初步评核报告,交由部门主管考虑是否需要调适评 核尺度,以使部门内不同组别能以一致的标准评核雇员的工作表现。 评核员宜以晤谈形式与各受评核雇员制订来年(2007 – 08年度)的工作目标/绩效要 求(包括各职责之比重),最合适的做法是将订定的该年度目标和绩效要求记录在 一份新的评核表格内。在评核年度期间如有任何更改,评核员应通知受评核雇员。 在完成整个绩效评核程序后,评核员和受评核雇员应各自保留一份已签署/批注的 2006 – 07年度评核报告副本,正本由部门存档。 有关绩效评核和发展制度详情,可向人事处负责相关学院/部门聘用事宜之同事 查询。 The 2006–07 performance review exercise for non-teaching staff covering the period 1 July 2006 to 30 June 2007 has now begun. A new Performance Review and Development (PRD) system will be adopted. Circulars announcing the details as well as the PRD Guide and the review report forms are available at the Personnel Office website ( ) . Reviewers are requested to complete the 2006–07 review report on respective reviewees. Before meeting with the reviewee, the reviewer should submit the preliminary review report (with Sections I and II completed) to the unit head to see if moderation is required, for the purpose of maintaining a consistent standard of review among different teams of the unit. The reviewer should then work out and inform the reviewee, preferably in a meeting, of the targets/requirements of performance (including the weighting assigned to each area of accountability) for the ensuing (2007–08) period of review. It is advisable that these be recorded in a new review form for that year. If there are any subsequent changes in the targets, accountabilities, or weightings, etc. during the review period, the reviewer should communicate the changes to the reviewee. Upon completion of the review exercise, the reviewer will make copies of the endorsed 2006–07 review report for retention by himself/herself and the reviewee. The original review report should be kept by the unit for record. Enquiries relating to the PRD system may be directed to the respective appointment teams of the Personnel Office. 1. 本刊每月出版两期,农历新年和暑期停刊。截稿日期 载于本刊网页( ) 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis except during the Chinese New Year and summer vacation. Deadlines for contributions can be found at . 2. 来稿请寄沙田香港中文大学资讯处《中大通讯》编辑部(电话 2609 8584 / 2609 8681 ,传真 2603 6864 ,电邮 ) 。 All contributions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter , Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (tel. 2609 8584 / 2609 8681; fax. 2603 6864; e-mail pub2@uab.cuhk. ). 3. 编辑有权删改及决定是否刊登来稿。 The Editor reserves the right to decline contributions and to edit all articles. 香港中文大学资讯处出版 Published by the Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 中国研究网正式启用 Launch of Chinese Studies Portal 「中国研究网」( ) 已于九月正式启用,供各界人 士浏览。这是香港中文大学其中一个重点资助卓越领域 — 中国研究 — 的网站。 网站设有「中国研究学者名录」、「新 出版书刊介绍」和「活动日志」等。 「中国研究学者名录」搜集和编录本校中 国研究学者及其专精钻研课题等资料,以 便世界各地学者迅速查悉本校中国研究学 者兴趣和成果。「新出版书刊介绍」则推 介近期有关中国研究的著作,以及本校图 书馆在这方面的新增馆藏。「活动日志」 展示于本校、本港、中国以及世界各地举 行的有关中国研究的学术会议和活动。 The Chinese Studies Portal ( ) was launched in September 2007. It is the official website of the Major Area ‘Chinese Studies’ of teaching and research at CUHK. The major features of the website include the ‘Chinese Studies Researcher Directory’ which provides a convenient means for scholars worldwide to identify the interests and contributions of our Chinese studies researchers, the ‘New Books and Journals’ section which introduces recent publications in Chinese studies and related new entries received by the University Library System, and the ‘Event Calendar’ which features upcoming exhibitions, conferences and other academic activities in Chinese studies at CUHK, the local arena, China and other parts of the world. 昆曲班 Kunqu Workshop 戏曲资料中心将举办昆曲班(第五期),教授昆曲曲谱有关知识、字音、曲牌、 唱腔及唱段研习,资料如下: Kunqu is one of the oldest operatic forms in China and was proclaimed one of the Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2001. The Chinese Opera Information Centre offers Kunqu classes to the public on a regular basis. Details of the latest workshop are as follows: 日期 Dates 2007年11月7日至2008年1月23日(逢星期三,公众假期除外) 7 Nov 2007–23 Jan 2008 (every Wednesday, except public holidays) 时间 Time 下午6时至7时半 6.00 pm – 7.30 pm 地点 Venue 许让成楼G06室戏曲资料中心 Chinese Opera Information Centre, Room G06, Hui Yeung Shing Building 导师 Tutors 张丽真女士(资深昆曲导师)苏思棣先生(昆笛导师) Ms. Chang Lai-chun and Mr. Sou Si-tai 堂数 Sessions 10 费用 Tuition Fee $1,000(全日制学生半价) $1,000 (50% discount for full-time students) 研习曲目 Repertoire 《紫钗记》之〈折柳〉【寄生草】(生、旦唱段各一支) Zheliu from Legend of the Purple Hairpin (one aria each for the male and female roles) 名额 Quota 10位(先到先得,额满即止) 10 (first-come-first-served) 查询 Enquiries: 2603 5098 讣告 Obituary 物业管理处屋宇保养技工任灼辉先生于2007年10月6日辞世。任先生于1997年加入 本校服务。 Mr. Yam Cheuk-fai, mechanic (building maintenance) at the Estates Management Office, passed away on 6 October 2007. Mr. Yam joined the University in 1997. 著名人类学家演讲 Eminent Anthropologist Speaks at CUHK 人类学系邀请了著名人类学家Prof. Sidney Mintz来校演讲,讲题为「作为传统和文 化遗产的食物」,欢迎各界人士参加。Prof. Mintz的研究重点为食物及加勒比海地 区。详情如下: The Department of Anthropology will host a talk by Prof. Sidney Mintz, who will speak on ‘Food as Tradition, Food as Heritage ’. All are welcome. Prof. Mintz is an eminent anthropologist of food and of the Caribbean region. Details as follows: 日期 Date 2007年10月29日 29 October 2007 时间 Time 上午10时至11时半 10.00 am–11.30 am 地点 Venue 利黄瑶璧楼一号演讲厅 LT1 Esther Lee Building 查询 Enquiries: 2609 7670