Newsletter No. 305

News & Events 1
Statue of Prof. C.N. Yang Graces Central Campus 1
Prof. Lao Sze-kwang: ‘Ceaseless Effort’ Bridges Cultures 1
Orientation Day Attracts over 20,000 Visitors 2
Lectures by Three Nobel Laureates 2
Vice-Chancellor Visits Prestigious Universities in Europe 3
Discoveries & Achievements 3
CUHK Men’s Team Clinches Seventh Championship in Intervarsity Rowing 3
Features 4
Walking Campaign II: Exercise in Campus Appreciation 4
Unravelling the Stories of Bricks and Beams: Interview of Prof. Ho Puay-peng 5
Personalia 6
Announcements 8
Performance Review and Development (PRD) for Non-teaching Staff 8
Eminent Anthropologist Speaks at CUHK 8
Launch of Chinese Studies Portal 8
<em>Kunqu</em> Workshop 8
Obituary 8