Newsletter No. 307

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 中 文大学社区植林计划」于10月27日展开,乃 环保周的一项活动。当天百多名校友、教职 员及学生在大埔滘自然护理区内的草山亲身体验种植 的乐趣,同时见证植林区的成立。 荣誉领队兼协理副校长许敬文教授带领众人步行两小 时前往草山,分批参与种植树苗、除草、灌溉等护林 活动。植林计划的目标是五年内在该幅土地种植一万 棵不同类型的植物,如鸭脚木、山苍树、大头茶、毛 稔、桃金娘及西南木荷等。 中大副校长廖柏伟教授在开幕礼致辞时说:「中大在 2006年中,制定了树木保育政策,保护校园内的树木 和生态,以期使校园发展规划更趋完善。除了绿化校 园外,亦希望把绿化的概念推展至社区。」 草山风景秀丽,可惜其中一片山坡曾遭山火焚毁,显 得有些荒芜。2007年5月,中大获渔农自然护理署分 配该块土地。未来几年,中大会继续在该区负责除 草、施肥和删枝等工作,希望藉着植林来推动环保, 鼓励员工参与绿化环境,让自然生物有栖息之所,更 可减轻温室效应,调节地球气候。 树木万株绿草山 Arbour of Ten Thousand Trees 本 年内第二次「乐步行」活动于11月2日举 行,反应踊跃,共有近600名员生参加。 当天秋高气爽,正合漫步校园。参加者由大学火车 站出发,绕经崇基学院及大学本部至逸夫书院的大 讲堂,途经校友径及中药园,全程需时约40分钟。 步行是有益身心的活动,在校园步行,沿途可欣赏 美景,更有助纾缓车辆载客量,减少废气排放,使 校园空气清新。 T he CUHK Afforestation Scheme, a highlight of Environmental Protection Week, kicked off on 27 October. Over a hundred alumni, teaching staff and students experienced the joy of gardening at Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve and witnessed the official birth of the CUHK woodland. The participants joined honorary leader and Associate Pro-Vice- Chancellor, Prof. Michael Hui, in a two-hour hike to Grassy Hill in the reserve where they planted tree saplings, weeded and irrigated the area. The target of the scheme is to grow 10,000 trees of different species in five years. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof. Liu Pak-wai said at the opening ceremony, ‘The University formulated a tree preservation policy in mid-2006. The policy protects the campus’s natural environment and ecology, with the aim of ensuring better campus planning. The University not only greens its campus, it also hopes to extend such practices to the community.’ Grassy Hill is scenic. However, one of its slopes has been ravaged by a hill fire and still looks a little scorched. The University was allocated the plot of land by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department in May 2007. In the coming years, the University will continue to manage the weeding, fertilization and trimming of trees in the plot. Through this, it hopes to promote environmental protection and encour- age staff to take an active part in greening the environment. 「 健步再迈 We Walk Again for Health 廖柏伟教授身体力行,体验植树乐趣 A very hands-on Prof. Liu Pak-wai 主持「乐步行」开步礼仪式的包括(左起)大学环境事务 督导委员会主席林健枝教授、联合书院辅导长王香生教授、 崇基学院院长梁元生教授、健康促进及防护委员会主席兼 副校长郑振耀教授、社区及家庭医学荣休讲座教授李绍鸿 教授、副校长兼逸夫书院院长程伯中教授、新亚书院院长 黄乃正教授及协理副校长许敬文教授 Officiating the opening ceremony were (from left) Prof. Lam Kin-che, chairman of the University Steering Committee on Environment; Prof. Stephen H.S. Wong, dean of students, United College; Prof. Leung Yuen-sang, Head of Chung Chi College; Prof. Jack Cheng, chairman of Committee on Health Promotion and Protection and Pro-Vice-Chancellor; Prof. Lee Shiu-hung, emeritus professor of community medicine; Prof. Ching Pak-chung, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Head of Shaw College; Prof. Henry N.C. Wong, Head of New Asia College; and Prof. Michael Hui, Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor F ollowing the successful debut of the Walking Campaign in March this year, the event was held again on 2 November. The response was overwhelming with about 600 staff and students joining the walk. Under the pleasant weather, walkers set off from the entrance of the University train station, winding through Chung Chi College and Main Campus, to end at the lecture theatre of Shaw College. Along the way, they passed through some of the most picturesque spots on campus, such as the Alumni Path and the Chinese Medicine Garden. The whole walk took about 40 minutes. 「步行活动结合了运动、欣赏校园及亲近大自然的元素,除了推广强身健体 外、也注重精神健康及环境健康。」 'Walking integrates physical exercise with campus appreciation and awareness of nature. As such, it promotes not only physical health, but mental and environmental health as well. ' 健康促进及防护委员会主席兼副校长郑振耀教授 Prof. Jack Cheng, Pro-Vice-Chancellor and Chairman, Committee on Health Promotion and Protection 看一众参加者笑容满面,便知乐在其中 Smiling faces say it all