Newsletter No. 309

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 联合学人论汉族之非洲起源 UC Distinguished Visiting Scholar on African Origin of Chinese outstanding contributions to academic and cultural advancement, socio-economic progress, the promotion of the well-being of the people, and the development of the University. Prof. Dale W. Jorgenson, Samuel W. Morris University Professor at Harvard University, and a director of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Foundation, Inc. (USA); The Most Reverend Dr. Peter Kwong Kong-kit, the Archbishop Emeritus of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui; andMr. Alex K. Yasumoto, an eminent entrepreneur and philanthropist were each awarded the degree of Doctor of Social Science, honoris causa . Dr. the Honourable Tung Chee-hwa, GBM, the Vice- Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of the People’s Republic of China, and the first Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region; was conferred the degree of Doctor of Laws, honoris causa . Their citations were written and delivered by Prof. David Parker, Prof. Samuel H. Cheung, and Prof. Laurence Wong Kwok-pun. In his address, Dr. the Honourable Tung Chee-hwa called on the graduates to seize the moment and rise to the call of the country in a time of great development. In the afternoon, the four constituent Colleges held graduation ceremonies for their students. The guests of honour were Mr. Stanley H.C. Hui, chief executive officer, Hong Kong International Airport (Chung Chi); Dr . Henry H.L. Hu, President of Hong Kong Shue Yan University (New Asia), Mr. Andrew Wong Ho-yuen, Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service (United), and Mrs. Rita Lau Ng Wai-lan, Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Communications and Technology) (Shaw). The Master’s degree graduation ceremony was held in five sessions at Sir Run Run Shaw Hall on 7 and 8 December. It was presided over by Prof. Wong Wing- shing, Dean of Graduate School. The guests of honour were Dr. Peter Kwong Kong-kit, Archbishop Emeritus of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui; Dr. Ho Tzu-leung, director of S.H. Ho Foundation Ltd. and director of Bethlehem Management Ltd.; Mr. Alan Wong Chi-kong, Commissioner for Transport; Dr. Anthony Neoh, vice- chairman of the Executive Committee of the School of Law, CUHK, and Dr. Patrick Wang, chairman and CEO of Johnson Electric Group. (续 Continued ) 邝广杰荣休大主教 (右) 获曾荫权博士颁授荣誉社会科学 博士学位 The Most Reverend Dr. Peter Kwong Kong-kit (right) was conferred the degree of Doctor of Social Science, honoris causa , by Dr. Donald Tsang 中 国科学院昆明动物研究所所长张亚平院士 在11月20日于中大邵逸夫堂演讲,讲题为 「从DNA看中国人的起源与演化历史」,指出有 强力证据支持中国人源自非洲,而非源于本土。 张亚平院士为联合书院2007 – 08年度「到访杰出学 人」,他在讲座上指出,现代分子遗传学,特别 是DNA序列的大量资料,并不支援中国人的本土 起源学说。目前发现的所有中国人群父系遗传的 Y染色体DNA及母系遗传的线粒体DNA,其祖先 都可追溯到非洲,因此推断我们的祖先可能是在六 万多年前先到达中国南方,再扩散到北方。 张院士是生化多样性及分子进化的专家,先后于复 旦大学及中国科学院昆明动物研究所取得生物学学 士及博士学位,其后更远赴美国圣地牙哥濒危动物 繁殖中心分子遗传实验室作研究,成就超卓。张氏 1995年返回中国,2003年获选为中国科学院院士, 2005年更获推选为昆明动物研究所所长。他对濒临 绝种动物的基因结构和多样性,以及家畜的起源研 究有方,硕果丰盈,令他在2002年成为首位获颁生 物多样性领导大奖的亚洲学者。 张院士在11月访港期间,于中大主持了两个讲座, 另一讲座题目为「亚洲人的线粒体群体基因组研 究」。 P rof. Zhang Yaping, a cademician and director, Kunming Institute of Zoology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, delivered a public lecture on ‘The origin and evolution history of Chinese: insight from DNA’ at Sir Run Run Shaw Hall on 20 November. He shared with the audience the evidence in support of the African-origin of modern Chinese. In his lecture, Prof. Zhang, United College Distinguished Visiting Scholar 2007–08, pointed out that current molecular genetic evidence, especially DNAsequence data, does not support an in situ origin of modern Chinese. All the identified Y-chromosome and mitochondrial alleles in current Chinese populations could trace their roots to African lineages, which provide solid evidence in support of the African origin of modern Chinese. The ancestors of modern Chinese probably first arrived in the southern part of China around 60,000 years ago and moved northwards. Prof. Zhang is an expert in biodiversity and molecular evolution. He gained his Bachelor’s degree from Fudan University and received his Doctoral degree at the Kunming Institute of Zoology. He studied the molecular evolution and hereditary diversity of animals in the Center for Reproduction of Endangered Species in San Diego from 1992 to 1994 and returned to China in 1995. In 2003, Prof. Zhang was elected a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and was further elected the director of the Kunming Institute of Zoology in 2005. The fruitful outcomes of Prof. Zhang’s research on the genomics and diversity of endangered species as well as the origin and diversity of domestic animals have made him the first Asian scholar to receive the Biodiversity Leadership Award in 2002. During his visit to the College in November, he delivered two public lectures. The other one was titled ‘Mitochondrial Population Genomics of Asians’. 张亚平院士讲解中国人来自非洲的学说及证据 Prof. Zhang Yaping shared the evidence in support of the African origin of modern Chinese