Newsletter No. 309

News & Events 1
6,281 Degrees Conferred at the 64th Congregation 1
UC Distinguished Visiting Scholar on African Origin of Chinese 2
SHKP-Kwoks’ Foundation Help Realize Dreams of Talented Mainland Students 3
Mainland Educators Meet Mainland Students on CUHK Campus 3
Chinese Novelist Writes English Stories about China 4
Discoveries & Achievements 4
Prof. Diana Lee Receives Excellent Research Award 4
Scholar Honoured for Promoting Ecotourism 4
Features 5
Virtue of a Great Physician: Interview of Prof. Che Chun-tao, Director of the School of Chinese Medicine 5
Personalia 6
Announcements 7
New Council Members 7
CUTA Council and Exco Membership 7
Updating of Staff Personal Data 7
Employment Visa Extension 7
University Library System Opening Hours on Christmas and New Year Holidays 8
Year of the Mouse Greeting Cards 8
Obituary 8
New Books 8