Newsletter No. 312

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 香港教育研究所 Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research Asian Journal of Counselling, Vol. 14 Nos. 1 & 2 Paperback, 164 pages, HK$50 专题研究报告 Occasional Papers 学校教育改革系列之44 《中国上海基础教育改革的趋势和挑战》 彭新强、田爱丽 国际统一书号 978-962-8908-19-6,平装本,32页,20港元 Education Policy Studies Series No. 67 A Plan of School-based Curriculum Development (Design, Enactment and Evaluation) on New Senior Secondary Liberal Studies Philomena Ng, Candice Ng, & Hin-wah Wong ISBN 978-962-8908-20-2, Paperback, 84 pages, HK$30 Research Centre for Translation Renditions No. 68 (Autumn 2007) Special issue: Leaping to Disaster: Village Literature and the Great Leap Forward 148 pages, HK$99.90 ( The book is sold at a 30% discount to staff members at the University Bookshop, John Fulton Centre ) 选择转换大学强积金计划安排 Election for Change of MPF Scheme 根据大学安排,强积金计划成员每年可选择转换强积金计划一次(即转换至「富达退 休集成信托计划」或「德盛强积金精选计划」),生效期指定为4月1日或10月1日。成员 如欲选择于2008年4月1日转换计划,可从财务处网页 public/payroll_benefits/mpf.html 下载「转换强积金计划申请表格」及「新强积金计划 成员登记表格」,或致电财务处薪津及公积金组(电话:2609 7246)索取,填妥后于 2008年2月25日或之前送达该组。 Please be reminded that MPF Scheme members may switch between the two MPF Schemes viz., Fidelity Retirement Master Trust and Allianz Global Investors MPF Plan once a year, on either 1 April or 1 October. Members who want to switch MPF Scheme on 1 April 2008 should complete the Election Form for Change of MPF Scheme and Membership Enrolment Form for the new scheme, and submit them to the Payroll and Superannuation Unit of the Bursary on or before 25 February 2008. Forms can be downloaded from or obtained from the unit (Tel: 2609 7246). 书斋与道场:道教文物展 Exhibition on Daoist Art in China 「书斋与道场:道教文物展」于2月23日至5月 11日假文物馆展厅I举行。展览由香港道教联合 会、本校道教文化研究中心及文物馆合办。 道教为中国土生土长的宗教,渊源于古代的阴 阳五行理论、道家黄老学说、鬼神祭祀、神仙信 仰,以及占卜、谶纬、符籙、禁咒等方术,形成于 东汉时期,历史悠久,至今善信众多。 本次展出近百件与道教文化相关文物,精选 自北京白云观、广东省博物馆、佛山市博物 馆、中文大学文物馆及本港私人珍藏,年代自 汉、魏晋至清代。展品类别囊括神仙画像、金 石陶瓷、铜器木雕、书法拓本及经籍科本等 艺术形式,既有书斋中的文人表达道教情操 的书画作品,又有表现民间宗教生活的道教 神像,更有表现道教宗教关怀的丧葬用品与 道场法器。 1. 本刊每月出版两期,农历新年和暑期停刊。截稿日期 载于本刊网页( ) 。 The CUHK Newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis except during the Chinese New Year and summer vacation. Deadlines for contributions can be found at . 2. 来稿请寄沙田香港中文大学资讯处《中大通讯》编辑部(电话 2609 8681/2609 8589 ,传真 2603 6864 ,电邮 ) 。 All contributions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter , Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (tel. 2609 8681 / 2609 8589; fax. 2603 6864; e-mail iso@cuhk. ). 3. 编辑有权删改及决定是否刊登来稿。 The Editor reserves the right to decline contributions and to edit all articles. 香港中文大学资讯处出版 Published by the Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter The Hong Kong Taoist Association, the University’s Centre for the Studies of Daoist Culture, and the Art Museum will jointly organize ‘The Studio and the Altar: Daoist Art in China’ from 23 February to 11 May at Gallery I, Art Museum, CUHK. Daoism, a religion indigenous to China, has its origin in the ancient yinyang and wuxing theories, philosophical thinking related to Huangdi and Laozi, ritualistic belief, immortal worship, and ancient divination. Having emerged during the Eastern Han dynasty, Daoism has a rich history and many devotees. Featured in this exhibition are about 100 pieces of artifacts dating from the Han to the Qing dynasties, selected from the collections of the Beijing Baiyunguan, the Guangdong Provincial Museum, the Foshan Municipal Museum, and the CUHK Art Museum, as well as from private collections in Hong Kong. There are Daoist artworks in a wide range of media, ranging fromportraits of immortals, bronzes, porcelain, wood-carvings, to calligraphy, rubbings, Daoist sutras and religious texts. There are even funeral and ceremonial objects attesting to the spiritual concerns and rituals of Daoism. 庞万伦基督教与中国文化讲座 Pommerenke Lectureship 崇基学院将于2月20至22日晚上7时半至9时半假利黄瑶璧楼一号演讲厅举办「第 五届庞万伦基督教与中国文化讲座」,邀请加拿大约克大学历史系陆鸿基教授以 「资本主义全球化下的教育与心灵─基督宗教与中国文化传统的回应」为主题,作 三场演讲,费用全免,查询请电2609 6711。讲座详情如下: Chung Chi College will organize the Fifth Pommerenke Lectureship from 20 to 22 February at LT1, Esther Lee Building at 7:30–9:30 pm. Prof. Luk Hung-kay Bernard, professor, Department of History, York University, will speak on ‘Education and Spirituality under Capitalist Globalization: Christian andChinese Cultural Responses’. For enquiries, please call 2609 6711. Details are as follows: 讲题/Topic 日期/Date 第一讲 Lecture 1 「全球一体化」:经济政治转变对中国传统和基督宗教价值的 挑战 The Emergence of ‘Globalization’: the Challenge of Economic and Political Change to Christian and Chinese Traditional Values 2月20日 20 February 第二讲 Lecture 2 「全球一体化」与教育:教育改革的冲击 ‘Globalization’ and Education: the Impact of Education Reform 2月21日 21 February 第三讲 Lecture 3 资本主义全球化下的教育与心灵:基督宗教和中国文化的 回应 Education and Spirituality under Capitalist Globalization: Responding from the Perspectives of Christianity and Chinese Cultural Tradition 2月22日 22 February (接上页 Continued )