Newsletter No. 313

中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 1. 本刊每月出版两期,农历新年和暑期停刊。 T he CUHK Newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis except during the Chinese New Year and summer vacation. 2. 截稿日期载于本刊网页: Deadlines for contributions can be found at: 3. 来稿请寄沙田香港中文大学资讯处《中大通讯》编辑部(电话 2609 8681 / 2609 8589 ,传真 2603 6864 ,电邮 ) 。 All contributions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter , Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (tel. 2609 8681 / 2609 8589; fax. 2603 6864; e-mail iso@cuhk. ). 4. 编辑有权删改及决定是否刊登来稿。 The Editor reserves the right to decline contributions and to edit all articles. 香港中文大学资讯处出版 Published by the Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong 中大通讯 CUHK Newsletter 中 大于2月22日宣布,委任凯达环球有 限公司及其海外伙伴葛艾活建筑师事 务所为「校园发展计划」的专业顾问,全面 规划大学未来的持续发展,标志着校园发展 进入一个新里程。 校园发展计划督导委员会联席主席程伯中副 校长在发布会上表示,顾问公司将正式展开 工作,仔细勘察校园、进行技术及规划评 估,并举办工作坊及其他活动,广纳意见, 再草拟及制定校园发展计划方案,整个过程 估计于今年底完成。 C ampus development at CUHK takes a major step forward with the announcement on 22 February 2008 of the appointment of Aedas Limited and its overseas partner Edward Cullinan Architects (ECA) as the professional consultants for the Campus Master Plan (CMP). Co-chairman of the Steering Committee on CMP and Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Ching Pak-chung, said at the press conference that the selected Consultant will start work after the appointment. They will survey the campus, conduct technical and planning assessment, and hold a series of workshops to learn about the concerns of University members, before drafting a CMP, which is anticipated to be formulated towards the end of 2008. Mr. Edward Cullinan, chairman of Edward Cullinan Architects and 2008 RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) goldmedalist, came toHongKong specifically to attend the press conference. He said, ‘When designing for educational institutions, I always study what is there already and try to work with it and respond to it.’ Sustainability Wins High Praise In March last year, the University short-listed four architectural firms to present preliminary proposals with the aim of stimulating discussion and thoughts among University members. After extensive consultation, the team of Aedas/Cullinan was chosen. Prof. Essy Baniassad, co-chairman of the Steering Committee and Research Professor of Architecture, briefly listed the selection criteria, ‘It included dedication and strength of the consultants, innovativeness, practicality, and attention to issues of sustainability, heritage preservation, environmental conservation, pedestrian and vehicular traffic, landscape and building approach, and also cost.’ Aedas and ECA are very experienced in international campus planning and design. The Steering Committee was impressed by their creative proposal, which demonstrated understanding of the University’s characteristics, respect for the University’s traditions and the unique college system, and competence to come up with suggestions that suit the development needs. More importantly, the team was selected because it shares CUHK’s ideal of a sustainable campus. Extensive Consultation Prof. Ching emphasized that the preliminary proposals prepared by the consultants were used to assess the design concept and capability of the teams, and to inspire and encourage feedback from CUHK members. The selection of Aedas and ECA does not mean that the University will adopt their preliminary proposal or that it will form the basis for the CMP. He said, ‘Through extensive consultation, we discern a general consensus among CUHK members that the CMP should respect and support the college system and that the University Mall is the centrepiece of University activities. Other prominent concerns include sustainable development, preservation of historical and cultural heritage, environmental conservation, cost- effectiveness, handling pedestrian and vehicular traffic and topographical challenges. It is expected that the Consultant would take them into consideration when formulating the CMP.’ ECA has taken part in many world-class projects including Liverpool University and Singapore Management University. Mr. Cullinan said listening is important when working with educational institutions. Having conflicting views is expected and not a dangerous thing. The team will be very public and keep the stakeholders informed of available options and their justifications. With the CMP having advanced to a new phase, the exhibition of the preliminary master plan proposals at 5/F podium of Ho Sin-Hang Engineering Building was closed on 29 Feburary. However, University members are welcome to go to for updates on the CMP and to express their opinion. 左起:葛艾活先生、凯达环球有限公司董 事总经理施家殷先生、中大校园发展计划 督导委员会联席主席程伯中副校长、联席 主席白思德教授及成员林云峰教授 From left: Mr. Edward Cullinan, Mr. Kyran Sze, managing director, Aedas Limited, Prof. Ching Pak-chung, co-chairman, Prof. Essy Baniassad, co-chairman, and Prof. Bernard Lim, member, Steering Committee on CMP, CUHK 获2008年英国皇家建筑师学会皇家金奖的葛艾活,专 程来港出席发布会。他表示会先了解校园现有的建 设,擘划可呼应现有建筑及未来需要的新设计。 可持续理念 符大学共识 去年3月,中大筛选了四所顾问公司,就校园规划的 设计概念、方法及取向提交初步建议及展出规划模 型,全面采集意见,最后选定凯达环球/葛艾活。 督导委员会联席主席兼建筑学研究讲座教授白思德教 授指出,委员会考虑了多项评审因素,「包括创意、实 用性、可持续性、对历史建筑及环境的保护、行人往来 及交通安排、景观及建筑设计方向,以及成本等。」 委员会认为,凯达环球/葛艾活拥有丰富的国际校园 规划及设计经验,他们具超卓创意,又能掌握中大校 园的特色,尊重传统及独特的书院制度,并能提出切 合大学实际需要及未来发展的建议。其团队与中大一 样秉持缔造可持续校园的理念,更是获选的主因。 藉讨论谘询 纳各界关注 程教授强调早前各公司提交的初步规划设计概念及模 型,只是用作评审其团队的规划理念及能力,引发大 学成员讨论及提供意见。 程教授续称,藉讨论及谘询,校方了解到大学成员普 遍认同中大独特的书院制,并认为以林荫大道为主 干的中央校园,是规划重点,必须加以保存及优化。 「此外,他们亦关注可持续发展、历史及文化传承、 环境保育、成本效益、解决人车流通以及地理环境的 挑战等问题,将来的规划理念将包括这些考虑。」 葛艾活建筑师事务所曾参与多个国际级大型建设项 目,包括利物浦大学及新加坡管理大学的校园规划。 葛艾活指出,聆听是与院校合作的窍门。在收集意见 期间,分歧是意料中事,他会向持份者提供充足的资 讯和本乎理据的各种选择,以期化解矛盾。 随着校园发展计划踏进另一个阶段,于何善衡工程大 楼五楼平台展出的初步建议书展览,亦于2月29日结 束。大学成员仍可登上网页 , 了解最新进展及发表意见。 校园发展新里程 中大委任专业顾问全面规划 CUHK Appoints Experienced Architect to Chart Campus Development