Newsletter No. 326

Features 1
CUHK Fencer Shines in Paralympics 1
Ten Questions for... 2
Xu Yangsheng 2
News & Events 3
Famous Climatologist Visits United College 3
University of Sydney Chancellor Leads Delegation to CUHK 3
Nobel Laureate on Origins of Embryonic Stem Cells 4
Nobel Laureates Lectures Series Entering Fifth Year 4
British Consul-General on Climate Change at CUHK 4
Personalia 5
Announcements 7
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme and Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme 7
Conference on Indigenous Charities 7
Photos of the Campus at Your Fingertips 7
Art Museum Year of the Ox Greeting Card 7
Discoveries & Achievements 8
CUHK EMBA Ranked 11th Worldwide and First in Asia-Pacific 8
A Life-Changing Journey 8