Newsletter No. 332

Features 1
Noninvasive Prenatal Testing for Down’s Syndrome Repeatedly Recognized by World Media 1
Noninvasive Test for Down’s Syndrome 1
News & Events 2
Donation of Handwritten Letters by Distinguished Contemporaries 2
Shaw Celebrates 23rd Founder’s Day 2
Conferences Highlights 3
Infection and Cancer 3
Bilingual Acquisition in Early Childhood 3
Social Impact of China’s Economic Reform 3
Translation 3
Phenomenology 3
Molecular Biotechnology in the 21st Century 3
Early Childhood Education 3
Ten Questions for... 4
James Mirrlees 4
International & Community Services 5
Discoveries & Achievements 6
Two Scholars Twice Conferred State Natural Science Award 6
Bowel Cancer Screening Finds Cases with No Symptoms 7
Total IEEE Fellows Number at CUHK Continues to Lead in Hong Kong 7
Personalia 8
Announcements 10
New Council Members 10
New Pro-Vice-Chancellor 10
New Faculty Deans 10
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme and Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme 10
Change of Staff Loan Interest Rate 10
CUTA Council and Exco Membership 11
Vaccination Campaign 11
CU Link Card Upgrading Exercise 11
Hong Kong Golf Club Membership 11
Clare Hall Visiting Fellowship Programme 12
World Trade Centre Club Membership 12
Art Museum Exhibitions 12