Newsletter No. 335

No. 335, 4.4.2009 1. 本刊每月出版两期,农历新年和暑期停刊。截稿日期 载于本刊网页 ( 。 2. 来稿请寄沙田香港中文大学资讯处《中大通讯》编辑部 (电话 2609 8681/2609 8589,传真 2603 6864,电邮 。 3. 编辑有权删改及决定是否刊登来稿。 香港中文大学资讯处出版 1. The CUHK Newsletter is published on a fortnightly basis except during the Chinese New Year and the summer vacation. Deadlines for contributions can be found at . 2. All contributions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter , Information Services Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (tel. 2609 8681 / 2609 8589; fax. 2603 6864; e-mail . 3. The Editor reserves the right to decline contributions and to edit all articles. Published by the Information Services Office, CUHK 一纸在手,感觉踏实。然而,为减少大量印刷对环境造成的损害,请与朋友分享本通讯,或上网( ) 阅览。谢谢您爱护环境。 We all like the feel of paper. But this newsletter will increase your carbon footprint. So share a copy with friends or read it online at your own leisure ( ). Thank you for supporting the environment. O 公积金计划1995 — 转变投资组合 Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995) — Investment Option Change 财务处设计了一个全年适用的转变投资组合指示表格,方便公积金计划成员随时从财务 处网页 html 下载。成员如欲转变其投资组合,请于表格上注明生效日期,并于相关的截止日 期前递交予财务处薪津及公积金组。2009年转变投资组合的生效及截止日期详见表格 备注。 成员如欲由2009年5月1日起转变其投资组合,请于4月21日之前将填妥表格送达、 传真(2603 7890)或电邮(s95enquir )至财务处薪津及 公积金组。 Pleased be informed that a new generic form to instruct change of investment options is now downloadable from the Bursary website at public/payroll _ benefits/s95/option _ change.html . Members can access to the form throughout the year, specify the designated effective date and send it to the Payroll and Superannuation Unit (PSU) of Bursary before the closing date. Please refer to the footnote of the form for option change effective dates in 2009 and the respective closing dates. For making investment option change effective on 1 May 2009, the completed form must be returned to the PSU of the Bursary by mail or fax (2603 7890) or email (s95enquiry@ before 21 April. 公积金计划(1995)投资简报会 Staff Superannuation Scheme (1995) — Investment Forum 财务处已安排于2009年4月17及20日下午12时30分至2时,于富尔敦楼103D室举行 两场投资简报会。详情如下: Two investment forum sessions are scheduled for 17 and 20 April 2009 respectively, from 12:30 to 2:00 pm, at Room 103D, John Fulton Centre. Details are as follows: 2009年4月17日(星期五) 17 April 2009 (Friday) 香港股票基金及香港指数基金 Hong Kong Equity and Hong Kong Index-linked Funds 东方汇理资产管理有限公司 Crédit Agricole Asset Management Hong Kong Limited 平衡基金 Balanced Fund 霸菱资产管理(亚洲)有限公司 Baring Asset Management (Asia) Limited 稳定基金 Stable Fund 德意志资产管理(香港)有限公司 Deutsche Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited 2009年4月20日(星期一) 20 April 2009 (Monday) 增长基金 Growth Fund 研富资产管理 RCM Asia Pacific Limited JF资产管理有限公司及景顺投资管理有限公司 JF Asset Management Limited and INVESCO Hong Kong Limited · · 平衡基金 Balanced Fund 研富资产管理 RCM Asia Pacific Limited 薄备午餐,敬请踊跃出席。查询请致电薪津及公积金组(2609 7236 / 7244)。 Light lunch will be provided. Your attendance at the forum is highly recommended. For enquiries, please contact the Payroll and Superannuation Unit at 2609 7236/7244. 教职员公积金计划投资成绩 Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation 财务处公布公积金计划内各项投资成绩之回报如下: The Bursary announces the following investment returns on the Designated Investment Funds of the 1995 Scheme. 2009年2月 February 2009 基金 Fund 1995计划 1995 Scheme 指标回报 Benchmark Return (未经审核数据 unaudited) 增长 Growth –6.81% –7.51% 平衡 Balanced –4.99% –6.66% 稳定 Stable –3.91% –4.47% 香港股票 HK Equity –4.36% –4.76% 香港指数 HK Index-linked –3.15% –3.50% 港元银行存款 HKD Bank Deposit 0.14% 0.01% 美元银行存款 USD Bank Deposit* 0.14% –0.01% 澳元银行存款 AUD Bank Deposit* 0.51% 0.27% 欧元银行存款 EUR Bank Deposit* –1.14% –1.31% 强积金数据请参阅: For MPF Scheme performance, please refer to: _ benefits/mpf.html * 实际与指标回报已包括有关期间的汇率变动 Both actual and benchmark returns include foreign currency exchange difference for the period concerned 暑期运动训练班招生 Summer Sports Programme 体育部将于5至7月开办多项暑期运动训练班及球拍类比赛供教职员及学生参加,于4月 16日上午9时起接受报名(首三天只接受网上报名),先到先得。详情请阅览 www.peu. , 查询请联络陈超雄先生(2609 6092)。 The Physical Education Unit will organize summer sports courses and racquet sports tournaments for staff and students from May to July 2009. Enrolment starts at 9 am, 16 April (online only for the first three days), on a first-come-first-served basis. For details, please visit or contact Mr. Chan Chiu- hung at 2609 6092. 讣告 Obituary 本校职员赖秦良先生于2009年3月13日逝世,校方深致哀悼。赖先生于1994年9月19日加 入中大,担任实验动物中心动物饲养室管理员。 The University mourns the passing of Mr. Lai Chun-leung on 13 March 2009. Mr. Lai joined the University on 19 September 1994 and served as veterinary attendant in the Laboratory Animal Services Centre.