Newsletter No. 341

2 No. 341, 19.8.2009 Three Major Water Sports Mr. Chan, who has been a manager since 2000, says, ‘We focus on the promotion of three water sports, namely, canoeing, windsurfing and sailing. We offer canoeing courses taught by a qualified coach. The centre is a recognized school of the Windsurfing Association of Hong Kong and we are in the process of applying to be a training centre of sailing.’ The other manager Mr. Cheung adds, ‘The centre began to offer regular courses on canoeing and windsurfing from the summer of 2009. To make courses more flexible and to promote interest in water sports, we also organize tailor- made courses at the request of interested staff or students.’ Mr. Chan emphasizes that safety is the centre’s primary concern, yet accidents do happen. He was witness to an accident involving users of the centre. ‘One evening I received a call from the supervisor, who told me that three windsurfers had gone missing. We reported it to the police. In the end, one of the windsurfers came back in a van with their boards. They had been washed ashore by strong waves. One hired a van to bring the boards back to the centre, while his two companions were having noodles to fill their empty stomaches.’ Wind-chasers The period from April to September is the peak season of the centre because southerly winds make the areas around Tolo Harbour an ideal spot for water sports. Fanny says, ‘Our centre is open in winter. But many users prefer to go elsewhere because the wind is not right. They come back here in summer, like migratory birds.’ To better serve users, the staff of the centre normally do not take leave during the peak season. To promote water sports to undergraduate students, especially those from the inland provinces of China, and inbound exchange students, the centre wants to expand its fleet. However, boats are not cheap and frequent use will lead to fast wear and tear. Their maintenance requires extra manpower and special equipment. So, the speed of expansion depends on the availability of resources. Confucius said, ‘The wise find joy in water; the benevolent find joy in mountains.’ CUHK enjoys both the beauty of mountains and of the sea. So, being a wise person, why don’t you visit the Water Sports Centre and explore the fun of water sports? 乐水者言 What the Users Say 在中大四年,从未踏足水上活动中心,直至今年夏天参加大 学的独木舟训练班,才发现校园竟然有一个这么完善的水上 活动设施,令我大感惊讶。尽管这里的船艇不是最新最棒的 型号,但在吐露港的美景映衬下,乘着微咸的海风破浪出 海,光是这点就叫人难忘。水上活动爱好者不可错过这个中 心,对不想沾水的人来说,那里的烧烤场,也能让你悠闲惬 意地在海边消磨一个周末下午。 m In my four years on this campus, I did not set foot inside the Water Sports Centre. Then I joined a canoeing course this summer. I was surprised that CUHK has such a nice water sports facility! It doesn’t have the latest and coolest sails and boats, but just the thought of sailing to sea with the salty breeze and the beautiful scenery of Tolo Harbour makes the experience unforgettable. For water sport lovers, you must pay a visit to the centre, and those who are not ready to get wet, barbecuing at the barbecue pits there makes for a nice and relaxing Saturday afternoon by the sea! 梁洁莹 (分子生物技术学课程硕士研究生) Leung Kit-ying Crystal (Postgraduate student, Molecular Biotechnology Programme) In the muggy heat of the South China summer, when satisfaction ceases to spring from work, if no deadline presses, if no meeting demands, if no event intrudes, my fingers type ‘wind in Hong Kong’ on my browser. And if the Hong Kong Observatory webpage announces that Shatin has a force 4 wind from the south, gusting to 40 km at Tai Mei Tuk, I drive to the Water Sports Centre, one of the best kept secrets of CUHK, for windsurfing. I change into shirt, trunks and water shoes. I rig up. I don a life vest, harness and hat. I carry my gear down the slipway and wade into the water. And I set a course for A Chau. All of us can enjoy the beauty of Hong Kong. I hope that you m 谭安厚教授 (财务学系副教授) Prof. Hugh Thomas (Associate Professor, Department of Finance) will be seduced by the wind, the sun and the sea as I have been. The Water Sports Centre welcomes you. 在华南的溽暑时节,当工作的满足感不能振奋我,手头又没 有急着完成的事情,没有要见的人,也没有其他俗务相扰, 我就会在电脑搜寻器输入「香港风力」。要是天文台网页说 沙田吹四级南风,大尾督阵风有四十公里,我就驱车到中大 最秘而不宣的宝地──水上活动中心,去玩滑浪风帆。 我换上汗衫、短裤和水上活动鞋,装好桅帆和索具,穿上救 生衣,系好安全坐垫,戴上帽子,然后带着全副装备沿斜道 下水,向丫洲出发。 香港的美景教人陶醉,希望你也会和我一样,迎向和风、艳 阳和碧海诱人的魅力。水上活动中心欢迎你。