Newsletter No. 344

No. 344, 4.10.2009 下回〈十方吐露〉将访问冯通教授 Prof. Fung Tung will be featured in the next instalment of ‘TEN QUESTIONS FOR’. 预告 Coming Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黄乃正 1 是什么燃起你对化学的热爱? Why are you fond of chemistry? 中学时代已开始热爱化学,因为有几位老师化学教得特别 有趣味,其中一位是崇基前校董会主席熊翰章博士的弟弟 熊凯章老师。我们还买材料到同学家做硫化氢实验,当时 也不知道危险。后来考大学选读物理却没考虑我,结果便 进了化学系。 I have been fond of chemistry since secondary school. I had a few teachers who taught it in an interesting way. One was Mr. Patrick H.C. Hung, younger brother of Dr. George H.C. Hung, former chairman of Chung Chi College Board of Trustees. We bought chemicals and did experiments at classmates’ homes, not realizing that it was dangerous. I applied to a physics programme in university but was not admitted. I ended up enrolling at the Chemistry Department. 2 你不时在大学参与球类活动,你怎样看体育比赛? You are an active participant in University ball games. What’s your take on sports contests? 我的强项本是田径,到了大学工作才玩羽毛球和足球,也 曾两度当中大足球会会长。我视球类为团队活动,每人都 要尽力,而且要尊重对手,友谊第一,比赛也要第一,礼让 对手便是小看别人,所以千万不可说比赛第二。 I was strong in track and field, and did not take up badminton and football until I joined the University. I was twice chairman of the CUHK football club. Ball games are team activities. Everyone must try his best and respect his rivals. Friendship and winning are equally important. If you pull your punches, you’re belittling your opponent. So don’t ever say winning is second in importance. 3 新亚书院以传承中国传统文化为特色,可会跟全球 化的大趋势背道而驰? The preservation of traditional Chinese culture is a feature of New Asia College. Would that run counter to the trend of globalization? 以为新亚只重视中国文化是一种误解,钱穆先生当年命名 新亚,是说中国的传统文化如何能在这个时代继续生存壮 大,扩及整个亚洲—「新的亚洲」,和其他文化融合,与 中大所说「结合传统与现代、融会中国与西方」是全然吻 合的。 It’s a misunderstanding to think New Asia College only attaches importance to Chinese culture. Dr. Ch’ien Mu, a founder of the College, named it ‘New Asia’ because he wanted it to stand for the strengthening of Chinese culture in the modern era, and its expansion to the rest of Asia. This ‘New Asia’ integrates with other cultures, which echoes the mission of CUHK: ‘To combine tradition with modernity, to bring together China and the West’. 4 新亚今年庆祝了六十周年,下一步有什么发展? What new developments await New Asia College after its 60th anniversary this year? 我到明年7月底便会卸任,对继任人寄以厚望。展望未来, 较迫切的发展有二:新亚的宿位是所有书院,包括新书院 在内最少的,希望能有一幢新宿舍,增加入宿的学生人数; 另外希望扩充饭堂,让学生有更舒适的用餐环境。这两方 面我们正和书院校董会密切筹措。 I will step down as the Head of New Asia College at the end of July 2010 and I have high expectations for my successor. Increasing the number of hostel places and expanding the canteen are two imperative issues. New Asia has the least number of hostel places among all the Colleges. We’re hoping to have a new hostel and to give students a more comfortable dining environment. We are discussing these with the College Board of Trustees to raise funds for the developments. 5 在学生的全方位培育方面又如何? Are there new plans regarding the provision of an all-round education for students? 我们希望书院通识教育委员会可以讨论在一年级通识教 育里重新加入中国通史,现时的中学中史课程稍嫌欠完 整。六七十年代的校友都珍惜在新亚念中国通史的经验, 认为增进了他们对国家民族历史的了解。 We hope the College Committee on General Education will reintroduce Chinese history as one of the subjects of College general education for freshmen. The syllabus of Chinese history in secondary school is incomprehensive. NA graduates of the ’60s and ’70s value having studied Chinese history in the College. They believe it enhanced their understanding of the nation and its history. 6 怎样看身为统领研究的副校长这角色? How do you see your role as the Pro-Vice- Chancellor in charge of the University’s research activities? 我会先审视大学现有的研究,将之加强。一两年后,再看 看整所大学有哪些强项是欠缺统一领导的,同时考虑社会 需要,然后发挥强化作用,从上而下组织一些同事,鼓励 他们在协作的基础上,做出更好的成绩。 I will scrutinize and strengthen existing research. After one or two years, I will identify which of the University’s research strengths lack well coordinated leadership. I will also consider the needs of society, line up colleagues and encourage them to enter into collaboration and achieve even better results. 7 香港的研究文化和内地相比,分别在哪里? How is Hong Kong’s research culture different from the mainland’s? 香港的研究可以比得上很多先进国家,可惜政府的投入太 少了,只是国民生产总值的百分之零点七九,外国是百分之 一甚至是百分之二以上。本地很多投资者都很短视,但是 高科技或者研究的投资需要耐性,今年投资了一千万,明 年不一定有所收成。内地反而有远见,教育部、科技部和 很多政府机构都有很大的研究投资。 Hong Kong’s research is comparable to that in many advanced countries. But the government invests too little resources in it—only 0.79% of our GNP versus over 1% or 2% overseas. Many local investors are short-sighted, but investing in high technology and research requires patience. Your $10 million investment this year may not bear fruit next year. On the mainland, investors and the government are more willing to devote resources to research. 8 具体来说,什么是知识转移?是否可以卖钱的研究 成果便是知识转移? What is knowledge transfer? Is all sellable research output the product of knowledge transfer? 错。以前,教学和研究是大学的两个支柱,知识转移等如 第三个支柱,希望学者在教研之余用知识服务社会,从象 牙塔走向社会。以一所理工大学来说,技术转移是知识转 移里最重要的一部分。中大是研究型综合大学,知识转移 便不局限于技术转移,也包括一些不可立刻量化、不能以 多少种专利多少间公司计算、不一定与经济拉上关系的成 果。例如文学院构建一个文学资料库,开放让外人搜寻,又 例如一场音乐会、一些公开讲座也是服务社会、知识转移 的一部分。 No. Teaching and research are regarded as the two pillars of a university, and knowledge transfer is the third. It is hoped that researchers can lend their expertise to society, besides teaching and research. For a polytechnic university, technology transfer is the most important aspect of knowledge transfer. At a research-based, comprehensive university such as CUHK, knowledge transfer is not limited to technology transfer. It includes research output that cannot be quantified or measured by the number of patents acquired, and that is not necessarily tied to money. It can be the building of a literary database, the holding of a concert or a public lecture. 9 中大将怎样推动知识转移? 知识转移成为大学政策 后,对研究人员有什么影响? How will CUHK promote knowledge transfer? After it becomes university policy, how will researchers be affected? 已延聘一位经理和一位行政主任统筹全大学知识转移事 宜,两位已在9月底上任。中大的网页将有专页介绍,让外 界对我们为社会提供的服务一目了然。教资会将每年拨给 中大约一千二百万经费,为期三年,这些款项将下放给各 学院和单位,加强技术和知识转移。其实知识转移在中大 行之已多年,每所学院都投放了不少钱,但大家可能甚至 不知道自己正从事知识转移。从现在开始,这个图像将比 较清晰和有系统。 CUHK has recruited a manager and an administrative officer to co-ordinate all work related to University knowledge transfer and they reported to duty in September. A designated page on the CUHK website will give an overviewof the services we provide. TheUniversity Grants Committee will allocate HK$12 million a year to CUHK for three years, which will go to the Faculties and departments for the enhancement of technology and knowledge transfer. CUHK has long engaged in technology transfer, but Faculties and departments may not have been aware that this was what they were doing. From now on, it will be carried out more systematically and the picture will be clearer to all. 10 对投身研究者有什么忠告? What advice do you have for the researchers? 研究本身是很孤独的,不能忍受孤独、忍受别人的不了 解,便不要搞研究。一炮而红,达到突破,誉满全球的情 况,万中无一。做研究的人不会怕辛苦,因日以继夜做研究 是我们的乐趣。而且若能自得其乐,纵不为人所了解,在过 程中已有得着。你做的可能是第一步,弟子做第二步,他的 弟子又踏着脚踪做第三步,一步一步下来,总会有进境。 Research is a lonely journey. If you can’t bear the loneliness or people’s lack of understanding for what you do, don’t become involved. Rarely does it happen that a researcher makes a breakthrough and shoots to fame overnight. Researchers are hardy folks because we enjoy burying ourselves in the lab day and night, even if no one else understands why. You take the first step, your student the second, and his student, the third, and thus bring us all closer to the truth.