Newsletter No. 347

Features 1
Bust of Professor Jao Tsung-i Unveiled 1
News & Events 2
Professor Joseph J.Y. Sung Appointed Seventh Vice-Chancellor of CUHK 2
Vibration Platform Invented to Improve Human Musculoskeletal System 2
Japan’s Former Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs on Nuclear Weapons-Free World 3
Learning from Overseas Health Care Experience 3
Shaw Laureate in Astronomy on Stars and Planets 3
United College 53rd Anniversary Celebrations 4
Staff Badminton Club in Guangzhou 4
Discoveries & Achievements 4
CUHK Scholar Wins Young Engineer Award 4
Remote Sensing Expert Awarded for Outstanding Contribution 5
CUHK Alumnus Wins Bronze in National Games 5
Nursing Student Wins Individual Championship of Annual Cross Country Meet 5
Personalia 6
Announcements 7
Art Museum Public Lecture 7
2009 CUHK Alumni Homecoming 7
Staffing Arrangements on Christmas Eve and New Year Eve 7
International & Community Services 7
Ten Questions for... 8
Prof. Shun Kwong-loi 8