Newsletter No. 350

Features 1
Uniformed Guardians of Our Campus: the Security Unit 1
Security Guard Wins Silver 2
News & Events 2
CUHK Renews Contract with State Language and Writing Commission 2
Two CUHK Researchers Receive MoE Research Awards 3
New Pacing Therapy to Prevent Heart Failure 3
Music of the ‘Other Voice’: International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong 4
Biggest Ever Alumni Homecoming 5
Symposium for Health Care Workers in Chinese Population 5
Personalia 6
Announcements 7
New Council Member 7
Senior Advisor to the Council 7
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 7
Walking Campaign IV Launched 7
Art Museum Greeting Card for the Year of the Tiger 7
A Touch of Class 7
Tipsy Suzhou 7
Ten Questions for... 8
Prof. P.C. Ching 8