Newsletter No. 357

8 No. 357, 4.5.2010 下回〈十方吐露〉将访问伍灼耀教授 Prof. Ng Cheuk-yiu will be featured in the next instalment of ‘TEN QUESTIONS FOR’. 预告 Coming Mr. Lau Sai-yung 刘世镛 1 为何会选读工商管理? Why did you choose to study business administration? 先父和多位姐姐都是教师,我想另辟蹊径,故决定不选文科, 但理科成绩平平,所以便报读崇基工商管理系,这也许是和 崇基的「缘」。那时也不知工商管理是什么,误打误撞下,倒 是觉得会计很适合自己默默耕耘的性格,不经不觉已干了 四十年。 My late father and my sisters were teachers. But I was not interested in teaching. That’s why I didn’t read arts, but my grades in science subjects were just average, so I chose to study business administration at Chung Chi College (CC). At that time I had no idea of what it was. But later on I found that accountancy suited my character and have been in the business for 40 years. 2 当年的学生生活是怎样的?有什么难忘事情? Howwas your student life in those days? Any memorable moments to share with us? 犹记其时崇基师生才不过七八百人,为了等候一小时才有一班 的柴油火车,同学多会聚在膳堂聊天,所以大家都非常熟稔。 难忘的莫如我出任学生会会长时,本要召开会员大会通过财 政预算,却因出席人数未达法定的过半总学生人数而流会。 于是,我们想出「绝世好桥」,提出解散学生会,引起轰动,大 会因而顺利召开。当日讨论热烈,过了午饭时间,大家又饥又 渴,有一位同学未有得到大会主席批准便离场,我立刻根据 会章的授权大声喝止,并暂停点票,提出谴责案,会场内数百 位同学再没有人敢离开。 In those days, CC had no more than seven or eight hundred staff and students. When waiting for the hourly trains, we would gather at the canteen and chat, so we got to know each other very well. One of the most memorable moments was when I, as chairman of the student union, had to call a general meeting to approve the budget. The meeting almost had to be suspended for lack of a quorum. Then we came up with the idea of dissolving the union. The threat was effective and the general was held. On that day, the discussion was vigorous and carried on past lunch. Everybody was hungry. A student tried to leave without permissions. I yelled at him and stopped counting ballots. I ordered him to stay and condemned his behaviour. None of the hundreds of students at the meeting dared to leave. 3 你担任崇基学生会会长时,曾因政府削资而组织三院罢 课一天抗议。为何那么热衷参与学生会及校政? As the chairman of the CC Student Union, you organized a one-day class strike involving the three constituent Colleges to protest against the government’s budget cut. Why were you so keen on student and university affairs? 从小已喜欢当班长、领袖生,因为觉得参与学生事务过程中, 不但会认识到志同道合的好友,所累积的经验更对日后在 社会工作帮助甚大。此外,看到自己的构思能付诸实行,是很 高兴和满足的。还记得我构思了让二百多名新生一起提着灯 笼,由崇基出发,沿大埔道走至当时范克廉楼旁的空地举行营 火会,场面壮观。 I had liked being prefect and leader since I was little. By participating in student affairs, I not only made friends with goals similar to mine, but also accumulated valuable experience for my future career. It’s also rewarding to see your ideas come to life. I came up with the idea of organizing an orientation activity involving over 200 freshmen holding lanterns and walking from CC by Tai Po Road to the open space next to Benjamin Franklin Centre. We then had a camp fire. 4 旧日学生会的工作跟现在有什么不同? What are the differences between the activities of student unions past and present? 当年我们较注重学生的设身问题,会因不满膳堂膳食和服务 而组织罢食,也由于正值文革时期,十分关心国是,但较少涉 及香港的具体政治和社会问题。 In our days, we cared more about our welfare. For example, we organized a food strike because of the poor service of the canteen. We also paid close attention to developments on the mainland during the Cultural Revolution. By comparison, we seldom touched on Hong Kong’s political and social issues. 5 是什么原因让你对母校发展的支持热情不减? Why are you so enthusiastic about supporting your alma mater? 参加校友活动可以经常看到同学和校友,借机高谈濶论,共话 当年,抛却工作烦恼。再说,要是没有中大的培育,我又怎会 有今天的位置,回馈母校是理所当然的。 I enjoy meeting and chatting with classmates and alumni in different alumni activities. Besides, I wouldn’t have accomplished this much without CUHK’s nurture. It’s natural for me to give back to my alma mater. 6 一直看着中大成长发展,你有何感想? What are your views on CUHK’s development over the years? 见证着大学不断成长,是很欣慰的。现在不少机构和政府要 职都是由中大毕业生担任,每当闻得师弟、师妹们获奖的消 息,或是中大的杰出科研成就,自己也与有荣焉。对外介绍时 往往自豪地说:「我是中大毕业的」。 I am glad to witness the steady growth of CUHK. Many of our alumni hold key positions in private companies and the government. I’m honoured when current CUHK students are being honoured. I’m also thrilled to know about the University’s outstanding research achievements. I am proud to introduce myself as a CUHK alumnus. 7 作为大学评议会主席,你最大的心愿是什么? As chairman of the CUHK Convocation, what are your aspirations? 不少中大校友是各行各业的精英,都是乐意为母校服务的。 希望通过评议会,可以纠集更多校友回馈母校。评议会正计 划每年举行一次大规模的研讨会,广邀校友就其专业提供意 见,以促进大学各方面的发展,亦让他们知道大学所需。 Many alumni are the elite of their professional sectors and they are willing to serve their alma mater. I hope to motivate more alumni to support the University through the Convocation. We are planning to organize a large-scale annual seminar, inviting alumni to contribute their professional ideas to the University’s developments. In turn, alumni can learn more about the needs of CUHK. 8 你怎样看校友们对中大的支持? How do you view alumni support? 我曾在内地看过这样的一句:「今天你以学校为荣,明天学校 以你为荣」。校友的成就也就是中大的成就,彼此相辅相成。 愿意支持的校友多着呢!但重要的是如何组织和推动。 ‘Today, you are proud of being a graduate of your alma mater. Tomorrow, your alma mater will be proud of having you as its alumni.’ I read this on the mainland. The alumni’s achievements can be regarded as the University’s achievements. It’s a complementary relationship. Lots of alumni are willing to give their support. The question is how to organize them and get them moving. 9 可形容一下你与中大的关系吗? Can you describe your relationship with CUHK? 我在中大成长,留下很多美好回忆。我和太太都是崇基校友, 结婚时曾计划在崇基礼拜堂行礼,校牧也同意了,可惜却碰上 维修,未能成事。最近女儿结婚,行礼地点选在礼拜堂,很高 兴终圆了三十五年前的梦。作为活跃的校友,我会继续关注 大学事务和推动校友活动,并在能力许可范围内献出绵力。 I grew up at CUHK with plenty of happy memories. My wife and I are CC alumni. We had planned on having our wedding ceremony at the CC Chapel and even got the College Chaplain’s permission. However, the wedding date coincided with the chapel’s regular maintenance. My daughter got married recently and her wedding was held at the chapel. I am so glad that she realized my dream after 35 years. As an active alumnus, I’m concerned about CUHK’s affairs. I participate in alumni activities and give the best service possible to my alma mater. 10 你是「小扁担励学行动」的发起人之一,为何有此构想? You are a founder of ‘Xiao Bian Dan Operation’. What gave you the idea for it? 1993年的一个晚上,无意中看到电视报道一位美国的黑人医 生利用休假到内地当义工,脑海立即涌现了何不把助人、慈善 和度假结合起来的念头。中大校友特别着重教育,于是我便 想到发起校友筹款成立基金,资助内地贫困地区推动基础教 育。活动能成功开展,有赖热心参与的校友、义工、学生、社会 人士和捐款人。特别高兴的是,「小扁担」能够成为中大校友 重点项目之一,广受校友关注和支持。 In 1993, I watched a TV programme about an Afro-American doctor using his vacations to participate in voluntary services in mainland China. The idea of incorporating help for the needy, charity and vacation came into my mind. CUHK alumni care specially about education. That’s why I initiated the fund for the education of children in rural China. The operation has been successfully launched with the help of alumni, volunteers, students, the public and donors. I am very happy that the operation is now a key alumni activity and enjoys wide spread support. 刘世镛先生为中大评议会主席及执业会计师,1971年毕业于崇基学院,尔后一直热心支持母校发展。 Mr. Lau Sai-yung, chairman of the CUHK Convocation and a certified public accountant, graduated from Chung Chi College in 1971. He has been very supportive of the development of the University.