Newsletter No. 357

Features 1
Building a Common Learning Experience for Students 1
How do students view the GE Foundation Programme 2
News & Events 3
Buddhist Studies Collaboration and Lecture by Ven. Master Hsing Yun 3
Lecture on Ancient Egyptian Civilization 3
Development and Impact of Direct Transportation Link 3
Farewell to Staff Common Room Clubhouse 4
Discoveries & Achievements 4
Engineering Student Receives IBM Fellowship 4
Chinese Studies Student Wins Local and American Scholarships 4
Personalia 5
Announcements 6
New Council Member 6
Reappointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellors 6
Appointment of College Heads 6
Appointment of Masters-Designate for Colleges 6
Relocation of Institute of Space and Earth Information Science 6
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 7
Shaw College Homepage Revamped 7
Recruitment of Resident Tutors 7
Temporary Shut Down of Campus-wide Applications 7
<em>CUHK Newsletter</em> Reader Survey 7
Obituary 7
Ten Questions for... 8
Mr. Lau Sai-yung 8