Newsletter No. 360

No. 360, 19.6.2010 施达理 Dr. Colin Storey 1 你选择以图书馆工作为己任的经过是怎样的? When and how did your calling as a librarian begin? 我五十年代成长于英国,十岁时已很喜欢书本和阅读。我在英 国利兹大学主修中国研究,1970年毕业后在家乡利物浦的公共 图书馆当图书馆助理,首尝图书馆专业的滋味,很是喜欢,于是 继续在这范畴进修,获得专业资格,接着先后在英国不同的大 学图书馆任职,1988起转到香港工作。 I was already very fond of books and reading when I was 10, growing up in the UK in the 1950s. After graduating in 1970 from Leeds University with a degree in Chinese Studies, I became a library assistant in my hometown, at the Liverpool Public Library. That’s when I had the first taste of librarianship and I liked it. I went on to study the subject, obtained the relevant professional qualification and took up librarian posts in UK universities, then from 1988 in Hong Kong. 2 当时的图书馆是怎样的?现在呢? How was the library like then and now? 图书馆一向给人的感觉是四平八稳─层层叠叠堆满书籍,柜台 后的管理员默默工作。某程度上确是这样,然而图书馆也经历 了翻天覆地的变化。今时今日的图书馆,服务的种类和履行的 职能都比以前更多更全面。一如现代其他专业,图书馆工作人员 需要更主动外向,精通更多技能。此外,随着电脑应用的迅速 增长和普及,我们不单负责书籍的流通,更要管理繁复的电子资 料。在庞大的全球通讯和资讯科技网络上,我们与世界各地主 要图书馆都有联系。在电子化及全球一体化的今天,只计算藏 书量并不足以代表图书馆的规模,它的实际内涵往往较有形的 馆藏量丰富得多。 Libraries used to be perceived as steady and stable places where you see stacks and stacks of books and librarians—the quiet and retiring type—behind the counter. While there may be some truth in it, there have been massive and rapid changes as well. Libraries now offer many more services and serve many functions. Like other modern professions and services, people who work in libraries have to be outgoing, outreaching and master a much wider skill set. Then, there is the rapid rise and widespread use of computers. We are not only dealing in the circulation of books but also in the management of complex electronic data. We are now connected to all major libraries in a worldwide communications and information technology network. Libraries are no longer measured in terms of the number of books in their holdings. In the electronic environment and in the global context today, a library is very much bigger than its physical manifestation. 3 在工作生涯中有何感受? How do you feel about your career? 我很庆幸能加入这行业,并有幸曾在一些了不起的机构工作, 包括这儿,而且可以因应需要推行具价值的计划,改善图书馆的 服务及馆藏,最终使用家受惠。图书馆管理员设身处地为用家 着想,是在工作上应用资讯科技的先驱,这使我倍感自豪。虽然 我们对资讯科技的认识起初也不甚了了,但会尝试从一个未经 训练的用家角度出发,设想他们可以怎样利用资讯科技搜寻和 借阅书籍,并在网上搜集相关资料。七十年代末期,当大部分人 尚未察觉资讯科技革命将带来巨大影响时,我们已着手探索电 脑、软件及网上目录的应用。 I am truly grateful that I have joined this profession. I am fortunate in having worked in some wonderful establishments including this one, and been able to implement what is necessary and worthwhile in making our stock and ourselves useful to our users. I am proud that librarians were among the first to make use of information technology in their work, often specifically from the end-users’ point of view. Even though we were not initially very IT-literate, from an early stage we asked ourselves how an untrained user could use information technology to locate and loan books and search for relevant information online. We began to explore with computers, software and online catalogues in the late 1970s when most people were not even aware of the implications of the information revolution taking place. 4 中大的图书馆有何特色? What is special about the CUHK libraries? 中大图书馆服务的是中大社群,有教职员、学生和校友,是个很 特别的群体。在这校园内,不同背景和专识的人互融互谅,以礼 相待,各以其方式为校园的社群生活出一分力。大学图书馆系 统服务这社群,也反映他们的特质。图书馆有很多特藏书库,有 关香港研究、海外华人的书籍尤其丰富。每年我们会购入七至 八万册书籍,直至不久之前,我们的印刷本书刊藏量一直以每 十年一倍的速度增长,至于电子期刊及专书的藏量,过去五年 增长迅速。庆幸图书馆有能干称职的同事,亦深获大学管理层 支持。 CUHK libraries serve the CUHK community which, with its staff, students and alumni, is a very special community. On this campus, people from different backgrounds and disciplines treat one another very well and in a friendly way, yet allow each to contribute to the communal campus life in his/her own way. The University Library System (ULS) mirrors and serves this community. Our library has many special collections and is strong on Hong Kong Studies and overseas Chinese, among other things. We acquire 70,000–80,000 volumes a year and, until recently, our print collection doubled itself every 10 years. Moving rapidly forward in the last five years, our electronic journal and monograph collection has grown exponentially. I am fortunate to have very good and able colleagues, and the support of University management. 5 大学图书馆系统有何最新发展? What are the latest developments of the ULS? 我们继续迅速添置各类馆藏,尤其是电子资料,我们的服务不 断多元化。图书馆不断收到各类重要捐赠,都是非常特别的,不 过我们会严守捐赠政策,确保维持馆藏的特色。此外,我们将检 视图书馆的可用空间,以配合未来课程及研究的新发展,又会增 设更多学习空间,让学生交流。现时图书总馆扩建而增加的面 积,主要是供人使用而非摆放书籍,鼓励学生以不同形式学习 或个人静修。 We continue to acquire materials, particularly electronic materials, at a tremendous speed. Our services continue to diversify. We have been getting many significant donations, really special donations, but we do abide strictly by a donation policy which will ensure that we will maintain a distinctive edge to our collection. We are also reviewing our physical space to accommodate new developments in the curriculum and in research as well as to provide a learning commons for the interactions of students. Most of the space gained from the present extension work at the main library will be devoted to people rather than stock, zoned to facilitate this new and informal mode of learning as well as quiet reflective study. 6 你对哪所图书馆印象最深?为什么? Which library impresses you the most and why? 虽有「卖花赞花香」之嫌,但我的确最欣赏中大的图书馆。另 外,七十年代我曾在尼日利亚参观的一所理工院校图书馆,也 使我印象难忘。那是一所护士图书馆,只有一间简陋的房间,一 些残旧书籍和过期期刊。纵然条件恶劣,但负责的女士总是开 朗可亲,乐于助人,为读者和图书馆用者着想,在非常有限资源 下尽量满足他们所需。我认为她彰显了现代图书馆管理人员的 专业精神和服务操守的典范。 At the risk of conflict, I am really impressed by our own libraries. But I also have a distinct memory of a visit to a polytechnic library in Nigeria in the 1970s. It was a nursing library which was no more than a poorly provisioned room with some old books and outdated journals. Despite the abject conditions of the library, the lady in charge was always pleasant and helpful. She had the interest of the readers or library users in mind and did everything for them on very limited resources. To me she exemplifies the professionalism and service ethics of a modern librarian. 7 你对电子书籍及电子图书馆的发展有何看法? How do you see the development of e-books and e-libraries? 这给我们和读者、书籍的关系带来剧变,亦影响到取用、借还及 阅读书籍和文章等资料的方式。书籍的保藏及存档将有不同的 意义,并会面对新挑战。由于新引入各种电子学习媒介,连带学 习的意义也会很不一样。我们会不断留意资讯科技的新发展, 以调整图书馆的运作模式及所提供的服务。但迈向虚拟不代表 自动步往成功─必须不时留意用家新兴的需要。 It has significant implications for our relationships with users and with books, the ways books and articles are accessed, loaned and read. Our preservation and archiving works would have a different meaning and face new challenges. Even learning itself would have a different façade as e-learning initiatives take hold. We are constantly keeping watch over the development of new information technologies and assessing the relevance to and adaptability for the services and modus operandi of the library. But going virtual does not automatically bring about a success story—one has to be constantly aware of users’ evolving needs. 8 电子化资料对大学图书馆系统有何影响? How are e-resources going to impact on the ULS? 现时图书馆的电子资料库有逾百万项资料,增长速度一日千里, 整体资源现已以电子为主。电子资源需要不同的管理方法。我 必须强调我们一直以最新科技改善图书馆服务,但不会用一些 未经试验的技术。要管理一所电子及印刷资料并存的图书馆,是 挑战,也是艺术。而中大图书馆的根基稳固,有助我们适切的回 应网络新发展,并会继续探讨以人为本的外展服务,如电子学 习等。 We have over a million items in our electronic collection and it’s growing at an incredible speed. The overall balance of the collections is now tipping towards electronic. Electronic materials require a different sort of control and administration. But I must stress that while we’re constantly making use of the latest technology in doing our job and enhancing our library services, we will never use untried technology. It is both a challenge and an art to maintain and manage a virtual and a print-based library at the same time. But we already have a solid foundation which will enable us to respond to new developments in cyberspace. We will continue to explore the very human outreaching aspects of our services including the e-learning initiatives. 9 你最喜爱哪位作家? Who are your favourite writers? 我喜欢的作家有M.R.詹姆斯,他写的鬼故事(有些是在古老的 图书馆发生的)是我的儿时良伴。即使到今天,我仍将柯南  • 道 尔的《福尔摩斯》及梅文  • 派克的《歌门鬼城三部曲》放在床 边。我也从鲁迅的作品学到中文和中国文化。 My favourite writers include M.R. James, whose ghost stories (some taking place in old libraries) are my childhood companion. Even today, I still have Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy ( Titus groan, Gormenghast, Titus alone ) at my bedside. I learned a lot about Chinese language and culture from Lu Xun as well. 10 你喜欢Umberto Eco的《玫瑰的名字》吗? Do you enjoy reading Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose ? 我是先看电影才看书的,主角William of Baskerville就如中世纪 的福尔摩斯,在修道院中解开一个又一个的谜团。我尤其喜欢 看书本和电影中如何描述图书馆。或许有些人还会记得在卖座 电影《捉鬼敢死队》的一幕,戏中鬼魂将排放得井井有条的分 类目录卡片撒上半空,把图书馆搞得一团糟,真好笑。(巧合的 是,在八十年代,我在英国也演出过这一幕;当时图书馆的分类 目录卡在一日之内全盘电子化。) I saw the film before reading the book and liked it immediately. Its protagonist, William of Baskerville, was like a medieval Sherlock Holmes, solving one mystery after another in a bibliothèque. I always like to see how libraries are portrayed in books and films. Some may still remember a scene in the blockbuster Ghostbusters in which the apparitions messed up a library and threw all the once carefully filed catalogue cards into the air. It was hilarious (and incidentally, something I actually did myself in the UK in the 1980s when our card catalogues went online in a single day!). 本刊于暑期休版,下期(第三六一期)将于8月19日出版。 The CUHK Newsletter will take a break after this issue and resume publication on 19 August.