Newsletter No. 390

2 No. 390, 4.1.2012 那些熟悉的身影,默默连系了我们 The Familiar Silhouettes Who Connect Us 上司眼中的华姐 Words from Supervisor 简月莲女士(机械与自动化工程学系执行助理) Ms. Kan Yuet-lin (executive assistant, Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering) 「华姐是一个和蔼可亲、勤力和富责任感的员工。」 ‘Wah Che is an affable, hard-working, and responsible member of staff.’ 在E世代,联系世界是弹指间事,只要指 头轻轻一触,便可把文字、图像、照片和 影音档案传至千里以外。不过,在中大 校园,仍不时看到背着信袋背包的员工 往来各部门送递文件。《中大通讯》访 问了两位资深办公室助理,细谈在雨晴 寒热下,在这全港最大、超过一百三十多 公顷的校园穿梭奔走的故事。原来,科 技再先进,也有取代不了的服务。 邱洁华 Yau Kit-wah 机械与自动化工程学系办公室助理,1988年加入中大 OA in the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, joined CUHK in 1988 responsible for cleaning test tubes and preparing apparatus. In 1990, she was transferred to the Dean of Students’ Office at Shaw College (SC). She had to travel between SC and central campus once in the morning, and once more in the afternoon. In addition to the Mail Room, she had to hand in the computer room fees to the Accounting Operations and Systems Unit (AOU) at the University Administration Building (UAB) and posted the announcements at Science Centre. Her hard work won her supervisor’s appreciation and she was encouraged to take the promotion examination for the rank of OA. As a quick-tempered person, Wah Che prefers to deliver on foot rather than taking time to wait for the shuttle bus. ‘I carry an umbrella and wear a pair of trainers whenever I go outside. Walking up and down in the sun is definitely not good. That’s why summer is not my favourite season.’ As time passes, Wah Che has developed knee pain problems. She was worried that she might not be able to cope with the work when she grew older, and applied for a transfer. Wah Che was transferred to the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering in 1994, the year when the department was founded. Being one of the founding members of the department, Wah Che said, ‘One day, I set off from the Mong Man Wai Building to the Mail Room at the John Fulton Centre with a trolley of mail. Prof. Kwong Chung-ping , founding chairman of the department, saw me. He was astonished and asked, “Are you alone in carrying so much mail? But even so you’re walking faster than me!” He then helped pushing the trolley to the Mail Room. I was very moved.’ While she has served in a number of units, Wah Che feels the care from colleagues everywhere. She is glad to work at CUHK. She also met some of her best friends here. She said, ‘I was able to apply for a staff loan from the money in my superannuation account. Together with the savings from the Credit Union, I was able to support the studies of my son and daughter in the US.’ Wah Che has a special talent—she has a good memory of the names, telephone and room numbers of over 100 academics, research assistants and postgraduate students of the department. She can tell you the telephone and room numbers of any individual member that you would care to name. ‘Though I am absent-minded, I do have a good memory for these things. Maybe it’s because I treat them as my family members.’ No wonder she likes working here so much. She always takes leave only upon her colleagues reminding her of annual leave being due to be forfeited. 邱 洁华 谈到在中大工作时说:「在中大真的很愉快, 因为在这里所得的实在很多,包括同事和上司的认 同、友谊和子女留学的机会。」 华姐最初在医学院利希慎临床研究实验室任校工,负责清 洗试管和整理仪器,1990年转职至逸夫书院辅导处。自 此,每天早午往返书院和本部各一次,除收发室外,也会到 行政楼会计组缴交电脑室收取的款项,以及往科学馆张贴 通告。华姐工作认真,获上司认同,鼓励她考办公室助理 的升级试。 华姐坦言她的性子急,嫌等校巴费时,宁可用走的。「故 此,出门必带伞,穿运动鞋。我亦不太喜欢夏季,炎热的 天气上下山,实在不好受。」由于长期上下坡,膝盖有点疼 痛,华姐担心年纪渐长,日后未能应付,遂再申请转调至其 他部门。 华姐1994年调职至机械与自动化工程学系,刚好是该系 成立之时,成为系内元老之一。华姐说:「让我最难忘的, 是有一次推着一小车的信件,从蒙民伟楼往富尔敦楼收发 室,在近邵逸夫堂的路上,碰到了机械与自动化工程学系 首任系主任 邝重平 教授,他惊讶地问:『这大堆信件,就只 你一个人来推?但怎么走得比我还快?』接着,二话不说, 便帮我推着小车直到收发室。」 不管在哪一部门,华姐都感受到同事对她的关怀和照顾, 深庆能在此充满人情味的地方工作,其间亦结识了另一位 女办公室助理,且成为知己好友。她说:「因为在大学工 作,可以借用公积金,加上我又参加了储蓄互助社,所以能 有一笔钱送一对子女到美国升学。」 华姐还有一项厉害的本领,系内逾百教职员、研究助理和 研究生,只要一说名字,她便可念出电话号码和房号来! 「其他东西很容易忘记,不知怎的,对这些却一下子就牢 记了,大抵我觉得他们都像家人吧。」怪不得她表示最爱 上班,每次都是由同事提醒累积假期快满了才放假。 W hen asked about her life in CUHK, Ms. Yau Kit-wah said, ‘It’s really a pleasure to work here. I’ve gained so much, including the recognition from colleagues and supervisors, friendship and the opportunity for my children to study abroad.’ Ms. Yau, or ‘Wah Che’ (Sister Wah), was first engaged as a workman at the Lee Hysan Clinical Research Laboratories of the Medicine Faculty, where she was In the electronic era, connecting one with the world is simple and easy. Texts, graphics, photos and audio-visual files can be sent thousand miles away by simply pressing a button. However, you can still see staff members carrying big post bags travelling around the CUHK campus, delivering mail to various units. The CUHK Newsletter talks to two senior office assistants ( OA ) about their stories, and their toils through the days, be it sunshine or rain, hot or cold, on Hong Kong’s largest campus at 137.3 hectares. There are services that cannot be replaced by state-of-the-art technology.