Newsletter No. 409

10 No. 409, 19.12.2012 Mr. Leung Ying-wai Charles Chairman, CUHK 50th Anniversary Celebration Organizing Committee What were the most unforgettable moments of your undergraduate years at New Asia College? There were three things. First, the College was very small. When I graduated in 1973, the first batch of graduates in marketing consisted of only 10 persons. We were a closely-knit group taught by Prof. K.C. Mun, whom I still see several times a year. I was a member of the Folk Song Society of New Asia College. We often played the guitar and sang on the lawn in front of the Pavilion at the Farm Road campus. Songs like Puff the Magic Dragon , Blowing in the Wind , you know. Those by the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel were of course also a must. In those pre-karaoke days, a wooden acoustic guitar was the only instrument we had. But the feeling was cozy. Those were also the days when patriotism prevailed. I took part in a number of social activities, including the campaign to make Chinese an official language. I still remember the raised-fist logo printed on my T-shirt. I also participated in the demonstration in 1972 to protest against Japan’s attempt to stake its claim over the Diaoyutai Islands. In those days, demonstrators didn’t get escorted by the police. The only thing they got was baton beating. How does what you’ve learned in the past impact on your career and life? I was a marketing student, so accounting was a compulsory course. I founded two companies in 1978. In 1982, I managed to make my first company public all by myself. In 1992, the other one also went public, and I did all the accounting work involved. I didn’t have parents’ fortune or connections to rely on. So I had to be careful with every step when running my business. Marketing is a very useful tool for promoting your business. Many businesses fail because of over-trading. Accounting comes in handy when preventing that from happening. Spiritually, I was greatly inspired by the lyrics of the New Asia College Anthem—‘Nothing left, in my hands; Journey’s long, never ends…. Let’s march over life, let’s sing when we’re tired.’ Life has ups and downs. With these encouraging words to cheer you on, you would grit your teeth and get on with your work despite hardship and difficulties. As a successful entrepreneur, do you see maximization of profit as the sole yardstick of success? In a capitalist society, it’s natural for businessmen to maximize their profits. But in addition to it, they should have the interest of society in mind. Didn’t the Confucian entrepreneur Zigong also use the money he earned to benefit society? I think that’s the right thing to do and I must thank my wife for sharing the same view. In 2004 I established the ‘We Love Hong Kong’ association to promote moral education and liberal education for teenagers, with the hope of making a positive impact on this chaotic society. Every day I write articles on contemporary issues and morals for primary and secondary school children. Why did you agree to take up the chairmanship of the 50th Anniversary Celebration Organizing Committee? It has been half a century since the establishment of CUHK. The University’s growth was a long and winding road and its achievements are all hard-earned. I’m proud of my alma mater. Out of a sense of mission and a sense of duty, and my deep affection for the University, I felt obliged to acquiesce when I received the invitation from Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung. I’m honoured to be able to do my bit for the University in this milestone moment. Could you tell us something about how the anniversary celebrations are oriented? The achievements of CUHK today are based on the efforts and contributions of its founding fathers and generations of CUHK members. That’s why we came up with the slogan ‘Embrace our Culture. Empower our Future’, which means that we should inherit the spirit of the pioneers while striving to develop a brighter future. The 50th anniversary is a fitting occasion for all staff, students and alumni to recollect the trials and tribulations this University has gone through, and for us to bring its achievements in full view of everyone in the community. We should also revive the teachings and ideals of the academics who have gone before us, and perpetuate the humanistic traditions they have established. At the same time we should serve society with our caring spirit and professionalism, thus rejuvenating the University and turning a new page for its development. Anniversary celebrations will start in January and will last until December 2013. Since the celebrations belong to all members of the CUHK community, the participation of staff, students and alumni from planning to implementation has been stressed. In addition to cultural and academic activities organized by the Colleges and Faculties, there will be celebratory events initiated by students and alumni. Which event is most representative of such an idea? The unprecedented ‘CU50 • Care’ programme, which will be officially launched at the 50th anniversary kick-off ceremony on 27 January 2013. Participants of the programme will include members of the CUHK community and friends. They’ll pledge to offer voluntary service to 50 service programmes or undertake 50 hours of volunteer service in 2013 as a token of commitment to society and the University. Let’s think of it this way: CUHK has 150,000 alumni, some 20,000 students and more than 6,000 staff members. How great will the impact be if we can bring together their strength? 请扫描QR码阅读全文版 Scan the QR code for the full version 梁英伟先生 五十周年校庆 筹备委员会主席 在新亚书院念书,什么最难忘? 值得一提的有三。当时书院规模小,我在 1973年毕业,是第一届市场学的学生,全 班只约十人,感情很好,我与当年的老师 闽建蜀教授到现在还每年见几次面。 我是新亚民歌团成员,我们常在农圃道圆 亭草地弹唱─ Puff the Magic Dragon , Blowing in the Wind 等的,当然也少不了 Beatles,Simon and Garfunkel。那是还 没有卡拉OK的年代,有一把木结他伴奏, 感觉蛮温馨的。 在那火红年代,我参与不少社会运动─ 由大专生发起的中文合法化运动;我还记 得T恤上那举起的拳头。还有1972年的保 卫钓鱼台运动;当年示威,警察那会为你 开路,拿警棍驱赶倒有。 昔日所学,怎样影响你的事业与人生? 念市场学,会计学是必修的,这些知识对日后营商大有帮助。我 在1978年成立了两家公司,1982年更一手一脚筹划第一家公司 上市,1992年亦将余下一家上了市,当中涉及的会计部署都由我 负责。我做生意非靠父荫,必须步步为营。如何发展推广一盘生 意,营销学非常有用。很多生意失败的原因是超额经营,如何控 制避免,会计学又派上用途了。在思想层面,新亚校歌对我启发 很大─「手空空,无一物;路遥遥,无止境。……艰险我奋进, 困乏我多情。」人生有起有落,在困难的日子,有这些训勉支撑, 不打紧,咬紧牙关,勤力一点,辛苦一点,为理想打拼下去吧! 往往这样又渡过了难关。 身为长袖善舞的商人,赚取最大利益是否你的不二价值? 在资本主义社会里,商人当然会尽量赚取利益,但除此之外, 也得照顾社会的利益。儒商子贡不也把赚来的钱回馈社会 吗?我觉得营商者当如是,最难得太太对我这看法也认同。在 2004年,我成立了我爱香港协会,致力推动青少年的品德和通 识教育,希望为这纷乱的社会加入正能量。我每天都亲笔为中 小学生撰写时事分析和品德教育的文章呢。 为何俯允出任中大五十周年校庆筹备委员会主席? 中大草创至今半世纪,一路走来,维艰维辛,成就得来不易,我 为母校深感自豪。基于使命感和责任感,以及对母校的深厚感 情,接到沈校长的邀请,实感责无旁贷,所以一口答应。我很荣 幸能在这重要里程碑为母校尽一分力。 可否介绍一下校庆活动的构思? 今日的中大建基于创校先贤以及历代中大人的努力与付出,所 以金禧校庆的口号是「传承.开创」,意指传承先贤及前辈创校 的精神,同时开创更光辉的将来。我们希望校庆能凝聚所有师 生校友,回顾母校如何从艰苦岁月中一步一足印地茁壮成长,与 社会各界分享我们的成就,并传承先师教诲、传统和理想,发扬 以人为本的人文精神,将关爱及专业精神由大学传送至社会各 阶层,服务社区,由此为大学注入新的活力,开创新的一页 校庆活动将由2013年1月起动,延续全年至12月底。校庆是属 于大家的,因此,由构思到推行,都非常注重师生校友的积极参 与。除各书院、学院的学术文化活动,还有由学生及校友自发举 办的庆祝活动。 最能代表这份精神的将是哪项活动? 那将是史无前例的「中大五十.关怀」计划。这个计划将在2013年 1月27日校庆启动典礼上誓师,参与者包括中大人及友好,他们 将承诺于2013年为社会义务工作五十次或五十小时,作为对社 会、对中大的献礼。试想,中大有十五万名校友、两万多名学生 及六千多名教职员,若能结合这些人的力量,影响力将会是何其 巨大! Photos of Mr. Leung Ying-wai Charles in this issue are by Keith Hiro