Newsletter No. 418

Bridge Builders 1
Marginalia 2
Features 2
Tracings of ‘The Power of Words’ 2
2012-13 The Power of Words Events 2
A Bridge Not Too Far 4
Campus News 5
Prof. Dennis Lo Elected to US National Academy of Science 5
CUHK and UBC Set Up Centre on Nursing Leadership 5
Fifty-six Staff Members Receive Long Service Awards 5
Awards for Alumnus's Medical Research 5
Five Students Awarded Innovation and Technology Scholarship 6
Conference on Future of English in Asia 6
Workshop on Collaboration Between Hong Kong and Qianhai 6
Then vs Now 7
Library Card Catalogue (1970s vs 2013) 7
Announcements 8
Northern Lights: Music of Ola Gjeilo 8
2014–15 Staff Review for Professoriate Staff—Advancement/Crossing of Pay Bands 8
Universities Service Centre for China Studies as Constituent Unit of Institute of Chinese Studies 8
Three Research Project/Symposium/Event Receive Grants 8
Mouth-watering Morsels 8
A Sandwich Named Long Island 8
Ins and Outs 9
Appointments/Re-appointments 9
Resignations 9
Retirement 9
Thus Spake… 10
Ms. Louise Jones 10