Newsletter No. 419

Let's Green Our Environment 1
Marginalia 2
Feature 2
Mainland Students' CUHK Stories 2
Liu Xiaojun Shawn, President of the CUHK Mainland Alumni Association 2
In Plain View 4
Breaking the Language Barrier with Human-Machine Interaction: Computer-aided Translation 4
Translating with a Computer-aided Translation System 4
What should 'stir-fried mixed vegetables' be in Chinese? 4
Prof. Chan Sin-wai 4
Mouth-watering Morsels 5
New Asia's Famous Beef Noodles 5
Campus News 6
Seven Distinguished Persons Appointed Honorary Fellows 6
Mr. Chan Chee-hoi Warren 6
Dr. Chan Sui-kau 6
Mr. Huen Wing-ming Patrick 6
Prof. Lee Kam-hon 6
Dr. Lee Lok-sze Rebecca 6
Dr. Leong Siu-hung Edwin 6
Prof. Mike McConville 6
Lau Chor Tak Distinguished Lecture on Global Economics and Finance 7
CUHK Receives Four Outstanding Scientific Research Output Awards 7
Psychology Postgraduates Receive Overseas Training Awards 7
Launch of Hub to Advance Entrepreneurship 8
Biologist Receives Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grant 8
CUHK Champion of Anniversary Soccer Tournament 8
Then vs Now 9
Institute of Chinese Studies (1969 vs 2013) 9
Announcements 10
2011–12 Annual Appraisal Exercise for Teaching Staff 10
Natural Moxibustion Health Campaign 10
Investment Returns on Designated Investment Funds of Staff Superannuation Scheme 1995 10
Arts and Leisure 10
<em>Watching Lightning on the Rooftop of Kuo Mou Hall</em> 10
Ins and Outs 11
Appointments/Re-appointments 11
Resignations 11
Thus Spake... 12
Prof. Rossa Chiu 12