Newsletter No. 434

Realization of the Dream of Nurturing Young Talent 1
Marginalia 2
Features 2
A Book Lover's Discourse 2
Tips for Staying Safe on Campus 3
Campus News 4
Daisy L. Hung on Brain and Life 3
Advanced Programme for Central Bankers 4
Faculty of Education Award Presentation Ceremony 4
Human Rights Lawyer on Press Freedom 5
CUHK Defeats Korean Team in Friendly Football Match 6
Hau Kit-tai Selected AERA Fellow 5
CUHK Captures Four Championships in Inter-universities Competitions 6
Malmqvist on Tang Poetry 5
Ins and Outs 7
Appointments/Re-appointments 5
Advancement‭ 5
Resignations‭ 5
Announcements 8
Establishment of Office of Research and Knowledge Transfer Services 8
Sharing Session on Campus and Transport Development 8
Premiere of <em>Reading Xixi</em> 8
The Chinese University Press Annual Sale 8
Arts and Leisure 8
‘You.’ 8
The Galleria 9
Proposal Letter for the University Motto 9
CUHK f+b 9
‘Good Companions’ on the Dining Table 9
Thus Spake... 10
Prof. Zhang Junsen 10