Newsletter No. 448

2 448 • 4.12.2014 请扫描QR码阅读讲辞全文(英文版) Scan the QR code for the full speech (English version) english/speeches/documents/20141120.html 请扫描QR码阅读讲辞全文(中文版) Scan the QR code for the full speech (Chinese version) chinese/speeches/documents/20141120.html 本科课程 Undergraduate Programmes 文学士 Bachelor of Arts 483 工商管理学士 Bachelor of Business Administration 606* 文学士及教育学士 Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education 76** 教育学士 Bachelor of Education 33 工程学士 Bachelor of Engineering 408 法学士 Bachelor of Laws 58 中医学学士 Bachelor of Chinese Medicine 28 内外全科医学士 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery 173 护理学士 Bachelor of Nursing 235 药剂学士 Bachelor of Pharmacy 31 理学士 Bachelor of Science 711*** 社会科学学士 Bachelor of Social Science 543 总计 Total 3,385 硕士课程 Master’s Programmes 总计 Total 6,414 * 其中一名毕业生同时获得工程学士学位 Including one graduate who was simultaneously also awarded a Bachelor of Engineering degree ** 三十八名文学士毕业生同时获得教育学士学位 38 graduates each receiving both the Bachelor of Arts degree and the Bachelor of Education degree *** 其中七名毕业生修读双学位课程并同时获得工程学 士学位 Including seven graduates who were simultaneously also awarded a Bachelor of Engineering degree for a double degree programme T he Chinese University of Hong Kong held its 76th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees on 20 November. Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng , Chairman of the University Council, presided over the congregation and conferred 3,385 bachelor’s degrees and 6,414 master’s degrees. In his speech ‘Our Leaders of Tomorrow’, Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung , Vice-Chancellor, said university graduates are future leaders of our society and country. He encouraged them to learn from Pope Francis —to be humble, visionary and inclusive, so as to lead their teams, their organizations and their countries to the next level of prosperity and harmony. Professor Sung elaborated, ‘Humility empowers leaders like no other quality. Pope Francis said, “If we can develop a truly humble attitude, we can change the world.”’ Humility means living a simple life; not to be ruled by the materialistic world; being equal with the crowd that one leads; being willing to listen and to accept different views. For leadership to be effective and sensible, leaders need to be knowledgeable and visionary. They need to keep themselves abreast of the latest advancements in their fields, and be aware of the way the tide of the world is turning. Professor Sung urged the graduates to never stop learning, improving themselves, or looking out for opportunities. He went on to explain the concept of being inclusive using the words of Pope Francis—‘If you want to be a great leader, you will listen to people who may not be seeing things as you are. You wouldn’t mind to be surrounded by people who are not afraid to tell you the truth and offer you advices that you may not like.’ 中 文大学于11月20日举行第七十六 届大会,由大学校董会主席 郑海泉 博士主礼,共颁授三千三百八十五个学士 学位及六千四百一十四个硕士学位。 沈祖尧 校长在典礼上向学生送上由衷的 祝贺,并以「我们的未来领袖」为题致辞。 他说在座的大学毕业生,是社会和国家 的未来,并勉励学生学习教宗 方济各 ,要 谦卑、博学远见、包容,以于日后「领导团 队、组织、国家,迈向更加繁盛与和谐的 境界。」 沈校长解释:「谦卑赋予领袖的力量,是 其他领导素质所无法比拟的。教宗方济 各说:『我们能够培养真正的谦卑态度, 就可以改变世界。』」谦卑意谓生活简朴, 不为物欲所驱,领导者与群众平等,愿意 聆听和接纳不同的意见。 领导者若想具见成效,明智有方,必须见 识广博,目光远大。对自己专长领域的最 新进展,必须了然于胸;对世界潮流的转 变,也应敏于洞察。沈校长寄语毕业生不 要停下学习的脚步,不要放弃探究的精 神,不要终止精进向上的努力,不要停止 前瞻寻找机会。 接着,沈校长再以教宗方济各的说话来阐 释包容─「如果你想成为伟大领袖,就 要倾听看法可能与你不同的人的声音。不 要介意身边的人敢于向你说出真相,并 提出逆耳之言。」 近万学生获授学士及硕士学位 Close to 1 0,000 Graduates Awarded Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees