Newsletter No. 460

Editor's Note 1
Parting Shot, Parting Words 1
Feature 2
Walking with Diabetic Patients for a Decade—Hong Kong Institute of Diabetes and Obesity 2
Campus News 4
Professor Charles K. Kao Student Creativity Awards 4
The First Conference on Youth Studies at CUHK 4
Business School Alumni Watch Movie with Primary School Kids 4
Two Graduates Receive French Scholarships 5
A Teaching Practice Tour to Nanhai 5
Conference on New Horizons in Translation Technology 5
Tech Talks 6
Rise of a New Language 6
Newly Onboard 6
5/2015 6
6/2015 6
Announcements 7
Natural Moxibustion Health Campaign 7
Extension of Opening Hours of University Swimming Pool 7
Obituaries 7
CUHK f+b 7
A Cure for Nostalgia 7
Viva Voce 8
Juliana Chan: It is more important to treat the people than their symptoms 8