Newsletter No. 461

461 • 19.8.2015 1 461 19 • 08 • 2015 编见 2015年炎夏,温度计的水银柱直指天花,热带气旋掀天揭地。骄阳暴雨过后,校园慢慢 重新热闹起来,向新生旧生敞开大门。 《中大通讯》重启,照旧要来点新意思。逆着大数据潮流,今期带读者一窥如日方中的微 创医学技术。在微创的艺术里,果真应验「小即是美」,此领域亦是中大人在过去四分一 世纪开辟的新天地。 上季的〈字里高科〉强势回归,有所不同的是接替本处撰稿员笔耕此栏目的,正是资讯科 技服务处处长。而要数与自身密切相关的事,没什么比得上伤风感冒或一颗小小药丸。和 资讯科技一样,健康也是现代生活的永恒主题。新栏目〈宝健保健〉望能勾起读者兴趣, 了解肌肤底下那熟悉的陌生人。 最后登场的〈口谈实录〉访问了中大毕业、身兼钢琴家与作家身分的伍庆贤医生(右图)。 这位维多利亚式才俊在行医中找寻音乐灵感,反之也然。 Editorially Speaking The summer of 2015 has been an Indian summer, with ceiling-hitting temperatures and roof- tearing tropical cyclones. After the scorches and the storms, normal business gradually returns to our campus. New admittees and returnees are welcome alike. The CUHK Newsletter resumes with quiet but renewed excitement. Against the grain of Big Data, we look at the flourishing of minimalism in medical technology. Small is truly beautiful in the art of MIS (minimal invasive surgery), a horizon opened up by the efforts of CUHK members in the past quarter of a century. We welcome back ‘Tech Talks’ from last season, only this time instead of our staff writers the articles are penned by none other than the head of information technology on campus. Nothing touches us more squarely and intimately than things like the common flu or a Panadol tablet. Like information technology, health care is another ubiquitous facet of modern life. The new column ‘Wealth In Health’ will hopefully keep the readers curious and informed of what goes on under their skin. Always last but never least, this issue’s ‘Viva Voce’ features a home-grown doctor who is also a pianist and a writer. Easily mistaken as a Victorian, our pianist-physician, Dr. William Ng ( right ), finds inspiration for his music in the practice of medicine, and vice versa. 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 耕耘四分一世纪: 中大微创手术众口称誉 A Quarter Century of Trailblazing: CUHK’s applauded minimally invasive surgery 4 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 8 宣布事项 Announcements 9 字里高科 Tech Talks 9 宝健保健 Wealth In Health 10 口谈实录 Viva Voce . . . Photo by ISO staff 哇,我们成功了! Hurrah, We made it! 由EMBA(中文班)校友和学生组成的中大队首次参加今年举办的第十届「玄奘之路」国际商学院戈壁徒步挑战赛,由5月22至25日,徒步一百一十二公里横 越戈壁沙漠,获得沙克尔顿奖。 A CUHK team formed by the EMBA (Chinese) Programme participated for the first time this year in the 10th ‘Xuan Zang Road’ International Business School Gobi Challenge. From 22 to 25 May, the team trekked across 112 kilometres of the Gobi Desert, winning the Shackleton Prize.