Newsletter No. 468

468 • 4.12.2015 1 468 编见 11月的百万大道两次化成阳光普照的大舞台。 11月6日的舞台活力四射,十大院校数百舞林高手齐聚「大专联校巡回舞蹈汇演」,尽情摇摆、 扭动、旋转。那天,百万大道水泄不通,因为凡路过的都不禁慢下脚步,眼睛离不开一群群摇 曳生姿的擅舞之人。本期访问了当天的主场—中大现代舞学会。 叶慈曾说:「谁能区分舞者与舞?」我们不及大诗人玄之又玄,只图邀请读者认识认识中大的 舞者与舞。 11月19日,金黄色天幕下的百万大道举行第七十八届大会典礼,以千计的应届毕业生在亲朋好 友见证下获颁学位。百万大道再一次水泄不通,因为大家沉浸在快将离校者的欢欣雀跃中。 今期还有文化管理课程二年级生刘淑仪(图)亲述深入广西玉林狗肉节的经历,以及回港后 怎样继续维护动物权益。 活生生的语言必会随时间演变成长。本处作者提出语义变幻无常的几个妙趣例子,而非简单指 正黑白对错。 Editorially Speaking The University Mall was twice turned into a stage flooded in sunlight in November. On 6 November, it was the pulsating stage on which hundreds of dancers from different schools swayed, jived and gyrated in the Joint University Mass Dance 2015. For once, the Mall was not easy to negotiate, for one’s pace was inevitably slowed by the sight of droves of twisting and turning dancers. We talked to members of the CUHK Modern Dance Society which played host that day. W.B. Yeats asked, ‘How can we know the dancer from the dance?’ Less philosophically, we ask our readers to meet the dancers from CUHK and their dances. On 19 November, the gold-canopied University Mall staged the 78th Congregation to confer degrees on thousands of fresh graduates and welcome their friends and families. For twice, the Mall was not easy to negotiate, for one was overwhelmed by the sea of jubilant school leavers. Also in this issue, Suki Lau ( photo ), second-year student in cultural management, gives her viva voce on how she came up close to some canine dishes in Yulin, Guangxi and came back an animal rights campaigner. Linguistic changes are part of the life of a living language. The linguist among our staff has no easy answer, but offers up a few examples of how meanings can change haphazardly. 4 • 12 • 2015 目录 CONTENTS 2 特写 Feature 舞动校园 A Dancing Campus 4 特写 Feature 第七十八届颁授学位典礼 78th Congregation for the Conferment of Degrees 5 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 6 财金浅趣 Financially Friendly 6 说东道西 7 宣布事项 Announcements 8 口谈实录 Viva Voce Photo by ISO staff 加入中大现代舞蹈学会才两个多月的新鲜人,舞出热情(页2) The infectious moves of the Modern Dance Society’s freshman members who only joined two months ago (p. 2) 如果动物能说话 (页8) If Animals Could Talk ( p. 8 ) Photo by ISO staff 起舞吧! Let’s Dance!