Newsletter No. 472

472 • 4.2.2016 1 472 4 • 2 • 2016 目录 CONTENTS 2 好人好事 Fine Folks Fine Deeds 积善之家 Charity Begins at Home 4 特写 Feature 将大学带入社会,走进世界 Taking the University Out into the World 5 . . . 校园消息 Campus News 7 字里高科 Tech Talks 7 宝健保健 Wealth In Health 8 到任同仁 Newly Onboard 9 宣布事项 Announcements 10 口谈实录 Viva Voce 退休制度的学问 (页6) All about Pension Plans ( p. 6 ) 2010年诺贝尔经济学奖得主彼得 ‧ 戴蒙德教授于1月14日亲临中大,讲述何谓「优良的退休金制度」。图为校长沈祖尧教授(右)致送纪念品予戴蒙德教授。 Prof. Peter A. Diamond, 2010 Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, shared his views and research findings in ‘Good Pension Design’ on 14 January at CUHK. In the photo, Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung ( right ), Vice-Chancellor, presents a souvenir to Prof. Diamond. 编见 一月天气每多出人意表,渣打香港马拉松那朝时而细雨绵绵,时而大雨滂沱,为中大跑手增加 了不少难度。一个星期之后,气温跌至新低,杀香港一个措手不及,但极端天气也烘出不少温 暖故事。 今期特写为你带来一个身暖心暖的故事。校友冼应全先生和太太是成功的企业家,制衣业的 翘楚,也热爱运动,他们为中大设计及制造既醒目复实用的运动服,中大的马拉松健儿及高尔 夫球好手,都把他们的好意及好事穿在身上。 行善也不是企业家的专利品,学生在求学路上,亲身体验为他人送暖,是中大办学理念之一。 倪锡钦教授为大学开发服务学习计划,令学生有机会走到不同社区甚至国家,接触不同弱势 社群,切切实实地做一点贡献。 不要以为身为罗德学人便不用做义工,看看生命科学学院的戴漪晨(右图),她投入义务工作 的劲儿,绝不输于在实验室里埋头苦干。我们也可看看她获得罗德奖学金所走过的路。 Editorially Speaking Abject weather was an unexpected visitor in January. The Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon took place amidst drizzles and torrents at times, making more treacherous the miles traversed by the quick feet of the CUHK runners. A week later, the thermometer plummeted to a record low. The plain truth that emerged is, when cold is served up with wet, a fitting fabric is what makes the difference. In this issue the Newsletter brings you a warming story of fabrics. Mr. Philip Sin, a CUHK alumnus, and his wife Betty run a successful garment business. Their love of sports led them to design and produce sports uniforms for Mr. Sin’s alma mater, a most visible form of support and tangible token of care. CUHK marathoners and golfers now wear their appreciation and pride for all to see. We also trace the supply line of philanthropy to the service learning programmes at CUHK developed by Prof. Steven Ngai. Our students learn to serve the less advantaged sectors of society and in serving learn about how human beings could look after each other. We look at a sample of how good deeds are interwoven into their learning experience. At CUHK, even if you are a Rhodes Scholar, you are not exempted from volunteer work. Listen to Serena Dai ( right ), who is equally passionate about her pro bono work and her lab work. Readers will also see in a glance the path she’s taken to join the prestigious league of the Rhodes Scholars. 勇敢筑梦 (页10) Dare to Dream ( p. 10 ) Photo by ISO staff 本刊下期(四七三期) 将于3月4日出版 The CUHK Newsletter will take a break and resume publication on 4 March