Newsletter No. 489/490

10 # 4 8 9 / 4 9 0 | 1 9 . 1 2 . 2 0 1 6 口 谈 实 录 / V iva V oce What does the Xin Min Award, one of the highest honours given to students by United College, mean to you? It is an enormous privilege to be the recipient of this award and I am very grateful to the members of the judging panel for recognizing my previous contribution to United College and the Students’ Union. For me, the concept of Xin Min —‘renewing the people or the society’ with one’s skills and knowledge—is a lifelong mission. I think I have only achieved a small part of this massive goal during my undergraduate years at CUHK. Why joined the Students’ Union of United College (UCSU)? I had been living on the United College campus ever since I was admitted to the University. It was like my family, and serving the family by joining the Students’ Union was natural. Any memorable experience as UCSU president? When I was president of UCSU, we had once come across some biased comments about UC students from members of another organization. In order to safeguard the reputation of our College, I issued a declaration stating our position and led a group of UCSU members to meet with representatives from the organization. In the end, they agreed to publish a short introduction of United College based on factual information, and we agreed to respect their right to express their opinions on their own platform. I believe that positive communication and mutual respect are crucial for conflict resolution and building consensus. The UCSU presidency was a demanding job. How did you find time to study? I did spend more time on UCSU affairs than studying in my first two years at CUHK. However, during my third year, when I finally decided to change my major to Risk Management Science, I suddenly realized that I only had two years left before graduation. To make the best use of my time and resources at the University, I started to focus on my academic work. I was thrilled to discover the joy of reading at the Library or studying for long hours on a subject that I was truly interested in. How has your training in risk management affected the way you think and act? I found out I had a passion for risk management science when I took a statistics course in my sophomore year. Risk Management is a very interesting subject as its theories can be applied to many real-life situations. If you want to minimize your losses caused by natural disasters, by calculating the frequency of a natural hazard and the level of its impact, you will be able to decide whether or not you should purchase an insurance package or take some preventive measures. Such training has enabled me to evaluate my risks and come up with the best decisions. Working now, do you still miss the time when you were a student of CUHK and president of UCSU? Facing the ‘real world’ made me realize that things can be quite different from what I had expected. Nevertheless, having some work experience has enabled me to become more mature and have a better understanding of the society. Things I have learnt after graduation and the experience gained at the Students’ Union are equally important to my commitment in making a positive change. As for my role in UCSU, after finishing my term as president I started taking the back-seat and preferred listening rather than actively taking part at the meetings. There are former leaders who remain actively involved in union affairs, but I think it may be a good idea to give the new members free hand. Tell us about your future goals. I am currently working as a management trainee in a bank. My duties in financial analysis match perfectly my academic training and I am very satisfied with my job at the moment. In the future, I wish I could utilize my knowledge in statistics to solve some of the existing social issues. To achieve this and prepare myself for greater challenges and responsibilities, I would need to acquire more professional knowledge and therefore, pursuing a master’s degree in statistics has always been one of my plans after graduation. 伍松园 Ng Chung-yuen Bruce • 统计系风险管理科学课程2016年毕业生 2016 graduate of Risk Management Science Programme • 2015 – 16年度联合书院新民奖得主 Recipient of United College Xin Min Scholarship 2015–2016 新民奖是联合书院最高荣誉奖学金之一,可否分享你的获奖感受? 我很感谢书院把这个奖项颁发给我,这是对我之前在联合书院学生会工 作的肯定。我认为「新民」的理念─运用自己所学贡献社会─是一项 终身使命,而我绝对不能自诩已经成功完成这项使命,只是觉得我在中 大的几年间曾努力去实践这宏大目标中的一小部分而已。 当初为何选择加入书院学生会? 入读中大以后,我就一直住在联合书院,很自然会把书院当作自己的家, 那麽服务家庭、加入学生会自然便是份内事。学生会主席是全体书院学 生的代表,那就背负着更大的责任,必须为他们的需要和立场发声。 担任学生会主席时,可有一些难忘的事件? 记得曾有团体在介绍中大的各间书院时,对联合学生的评语稍有偏颇, 身为联合学生会会长,我有责任反映同学的感受,就首先发声明陈述我 们的立场,然后带着学生会的成员与对方会面。经过一番讨论后,对方 最终愿意补上书院的简介,而我们亦同意尊重对方在自己平台发表意见 的权利。对我而言,善意沟通和互相尊重是达成共识与解决问题的重要 关键。 会务繁多,如何抽时间专注学业? 老实说在大学首两年,我投放于处理学生会事务的时间比学习更多。但 到了第三年,我决定转念统计学系的风险管理科学课程,要从头开始学 习许多统计学的基本知识,那时才突然醒悟应该把握时间读书,因为毕 业后就不能享受大学丰富的学习资源。于是我经常在图书馆流连,投入 学习时,又仿佛发现了另一个世界,因为所修科目是自己的兴趣,即使埋 头苦读也不觉得疲累。 风险管理学的训练怎样影响你的处事态度?  我在大学第二年修读一门统计必修科时,发现自己很喜欢、也非常适合 读统计学,就决定在第三年转系。风险管理非常有趣,它的理论可应用到 许多现实的例子上,例如计算灾难发生的机会率和影响,可指引我们该采 取何种预防措施或应否购买保险等,以确保能将损失减至最低。风险管 理的训练让我处事更谨慎,在做任何重大决定之前会先衡量利害得失, 分析可能遇见的后果,从而作出最佳选择。 踏入职场后会否仍怀念在大学或者书院学生会的日子? 我已经工作了好几个月,踏入职场后得知现实中很多事比我想像中来得 复杂,也未必事事如愿,但我认为一个人若想贡献社会,就必须先走进 社会,体验现实世界,这样才可真正明白民生的各种需要,为人民谋福 祉。至于书院学生会,我在大学三年级后就开始退下来,让新人接手。我 也曾听过一些学生团体的前领袖,退出后仍继续参与会内事务,而我却 刚好相反,即使新成员邀请我参与讨论,我也会尽量以旁观者的身分聆 听和观察,让师弟妹有自由发挥的空间。 未来有什么目标? 我现在是银行的管理培训生,需要分析大量的数据,工作性质和我的专 业训练相符,带给我不少的满足感。将来我希望能继续运用统计学的训 练为社会带来正面的影响,我亦计划攻读统计学硕士学位,学习更深入 的知识,为事业发展做好准备。