Sustainable Campus Spring 2013

S ustainable C ampus 可持续校园 二零一三年春 Spring 2013 1 本期通讯 In This Issue ■ 新世代建筑师的摇篮 AIT Building: A Cradle of Architectural Talent ■ 委任能源监察员 Appointment of Energy Wardens 毗邻港铁大学站的综合教学大楼,前临吐露港的一面全划为教室。「让学生向着最美的方向,可以 有更多灵感。」建筑学院院长何培斌教授说。 An Integrated Teaching Building of the School of Architecture, which is located next to the University MTR Station, reserves the sea view to young learners. ‘Let the students enjoy the most beautiful view. They will get more inspiration,’ said Prof. Ho Puay-peng, director, School of Architecture. 位 于车站路旁的综合教学大楼,于2012年秋落 成,是中文大学校园最年轻的建筑物之一,是 建筑学院教学与研究的大本营。如果一座建筑可透过 其外貌和结构传达任何理念与情感的话,这座外观明 净、内部建设符合环保原则的大楼,正体现了建筑学院 师生建设美好环境的愿景。 建筑学院院长 何培斌 教授说它的特色有三∶「首先,为人 服务,凝聚人,令里面的人觉得舒适;其次,容纳活动, 更把活动的气氛升华;第三,肩负起教学作用。」 何教授进一步解释:「学生可以见到我们是怎样处理材 料、处理空间、处理光线、处理人的活动,我们会利用 这个建筑作为教材,让学生研究不同的概念。」 为莘莘学子缔造理想的学习环境,是为人师表的心愿, 何教授也不例外∶「学习环境必须不觉局促或受掣肘, 这样,人的思想才能够开阔,这是最要紧的。我觉得新 大楼的环境可以令学生的思想更加无拘无束。」地灵自 然人杰,希望在此茁长的年轻建筑师在未来能施展抱 负,以创见为建设绿色社区作出贡献。 O n Station Road, there is a very young building with a curious name, and smart, sleek but environmentally friendly interiors. It’s called An Integrated Teaching Building (AIT Building) and it is home to the University’s School of Architecture. Completed in autumn 2012, the AIT Building is the hub of teaching, learning and research for the school. Prof. Ho Puay-peng , director of the school, said the building is special for three reasons. ‘First of all, it is designed to serve, to gather, and to make people inside feel at ease. Secondly, it accommodates various kinds of events and helps to enhance their atmosphere. Thirdly, it is a teaching building.’ ‘Students can see how we manage building materials, how we approach light and space, and handle human activity. We can use this building as teaching material, letting students study its different aspects,’ Professor Ho explained. Every teacher knows an inspiring environment is important for learning. Professor Ho shares that view. ‘A learning environment must be comfortable and unrestricting. This is important as it is conducive to broadening the mind. I believe the AIT Building surely can help to liberate students’ thinking.’ A blessed place produces talented people, as the saying goes. Alongside with excellent faculty, the AIT Building is all set to nurture capable and environmentally-conscious architects in the decades to come. 综合教学大楼模型 Model of AIT Building ■ 要闻快讯 Newsbreak 新世代建筑师的摇篮 A Cradle of Architectural Talent AIT Building: