Bulletin No. 1, 2020

28 Chinese University Bulletin No.1, 2020 Beyond Physical Illness T he repercussions and impact of the pandemic go far and wide, and some of the people that feel them the most are teachers. A study focusing on kindergarten teachers conducted by the Faculty of Education reveals that half of the interviewees suffered from emotional drain as they continued to provide services with schools closed. They also reported lower life satisfaction and a weaker sense of duty to their schools, students and profession. Meanwhile, students are having a hard time adapting too. A concurrent study by the Faculty, focusing this time on secondary students, shows that the interviewees did not rate the value of online teaching very highly. They also reported huge pressure and anxiety under this new mode of education. Prof. Thomas Chiu of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, leader of this investigation, noted that online teaching currently focuses on behavioural participation and is not conducive to diversity in learning. He noted also that it is difficult for students to adapt to these changes in such a short time. The researchers suggested that online teaching strategies be adjusted to meet the needs of students. Measures can include organizing mental health activities, setting up peer support groups and cutting down on assessments. Prof. Thomas Chiu Department of Curriculum and Instruction