CU Medicine Brochure

Still But Not Silent 3
Our Serve: We go head to head with COVID-19 4
Protecting Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists: Jason Chan lends a strong shoulder 6
Why Do Children Suffer Less From COVID-19? Gary Wong learns from little patients 8
Drips, Drops, Disrupts, Delays: Jeremy Teoh studies COVID-19's impact on urological care 10
Treating Dementia in a Pandemic: Vincent Mok's special delivery to the most vulnerable 12
Lights Back On: The pitch is readied for the new game 14
What It Means to Become a Doctor: Hear what Timothy Liong Tipoe says 16
A Cautious Start to a Medical Curriculum 18
Her Father's Daughter: Alcina Kong inherits goggles and duty from father 20
Developing an Attachment: CU Medicine creates an app to get students back in the clinic 22
Holding Ground: We give no ground to SARS-CoV-2 24
Powerful Radar for Stealth Threats: CU Medicine's gut reaction to silent coronavirus carriers 26
Nursing Teachers and Students Test Community, and Themselves: Coronavirus testing gives nursing students vital hands-on experience 28
Ensuring a Safe Passage to Motherhood: Liona Poon supervises successful COVID-19 births 30
Light Blue is the New White: Simon Lam treats the kids and houses the parents 32
Firsts Among Equals 34