Newsletter No. 533

Features 2
Zimbabwe’s Power Duo: Two African students take centre stage in Hong Kong and beyond 2
Deciphering the Codes in Plasma DNA: From Non-invasive Prenatal Test to Cancer Screening 6
News Tweets 7
CUHK Ranks First in International Mathematics Competition 7
Team Up for Marathon 7
Microrobots Detect Toxins in 15 Minutes 7
Gear Up for Pedagogical Robots 7
THE Summit on Research Excellence 7
CUHK Student Appointed to the Council for Sustainable Development 8
Victory for Rugby Teams 8
Employment Report on First Cohort of CUHK (SZ) Graduates Released 8
Announcements 8
Council Appointment 8
Investment Returns of Staff Superannuation Scheme 8
Application for Summer Programmes 2019 8
Midday Oasis Lunchtime Concerts 8
Tech Talk 9
Eleven Pointers for the 21st Century Journalist 9
ARTSpirin 9
The Silken Tie 9
Viva Voce 10
Prof. Fan Tingting 10