Newsletter No. 541

「在香港观星, 十次里总有两三次无功而回, 四五次效果一般, 但也有两三次 格外精彩。 我们能做的只有去足十次, 每次做好最充分的准备, 有效地提高胜算, 然后把其余交给命运。」 电子工程及逸夫书院校友、  「星河科研社」创办人  方浩翔 从观星到观照人生 p.06 的 矢 录 / R emarkables ‘Many educators think if you are having fun, you aren’t learning. We’re disproving that theory. People like games. Games allow us to learn for longer than usual and participate with greater engagement because the learning is fun.’ Prof. Catherine McBride of the Department of Psychology, founder of Cayan Education Ltd. and developer of the patented card game BumperCards  p.06 ‘We aim to acquire records of historical value that reflect our teaching and learning initiatives, research, knowledge transfer activities, administration and alumni relations. The Archives is a platform where historical resources about the University are preserved for use by the greater CUHK community and public.’ Ms. Sintra Tsang , University Archivist p.02 「我们的学生可以到东南亚去 建筑,那一带百分之七十以上是小 房子。在香港建高楼,是服务发展 商,但我们在玉树、在菲律宾,在 肯尼亚都盖过房子,出去的话你会 发现这是非常大的需求。」 专注研究轻型建筑系统的中大建筑学院  朱竞翔教授 (《东周刊》,2019年7月31日) 「失明后,我受了很多人帮助,我选读社会科学,也希望在将来能够透过 自己的力量,尽可能去帮助他人!」 香港赛马会奖学金得主、社会科学院二年级生、崇基学院学生  练子诺 (《香港01》,2019年7月4日) 「任何人只要位置放对了, 就可发挥。 一个人是否胜任某个职位, 不全在于个人才干。 技能和性格能否与队员配合互补, 也很重要。」 大学第二届正向员工服务奖  个人奖及领袖奖得主  和声书院院务主任  罗霍玉卿女士 p.04 ‘I am unsure how Korea will be able to replace Japan’s inputs for their finished products. Likewise, I can’t see an easy export replacement for Japanese products…’ Prof. Bryan Mercurio of the School of Law on the trade dispute between Japan and South Korea (‘Japan’s doing to Samsung what the US did to Huawei. But why?’, Quartz , 17 July 2019) Self-powered equipment can enable users to get rid of the inconvenient daily charge. This energy harvester would promote the development of self-powered wearable devices. Prof. Liao Wei-hsin of the Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering developed a device that can harvest energy from its wearer’s locomotion ( EurekAlert , 17 July 2019) 12 # 5 4 1 | 1 9 . 0 8 . 2 0 1 9