Newsletter No. 542

10 # 5 4 2 | 0 4 . 0 9 . 2 0 1 9 ‘It’s almost like we’ve only turned the first 10 pages of the dictionary, and what we know so far could all be wrong.’ Prof. Nelson Tang of the Department of Chemical Pathology cautions on the use of genetic testing to determine genealogy and predict disease (Nan-Hie In, ‘DNA testing to check for risk of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s: a satisfied customer, worried doctors’, , 24 August 2019) p.08 「文学院拥有一众出色的教师、学者及 研究员,不少更为世界知名的学者。 我期待与这支优秀的团队合作,为本地、 亚洲以至全世界人文学科之间的交流及 跨学科研究作出贡献。」 新任文学院院长 唐小兵教授 p.08 ‘I look forward to working with the outstanding teachers and experienced administrators of the Graduate School to contribute to CUHK’s graduate teaching and academic research development and bring forth more talent for society.’ Prof. Anthony Tak Cheung Chan newly appointed Dean of the Graduate School p.04 ‘Painting and surgery share many parallels. Both require meticulous planning and breaking down large problems into a series of smaller, achievable issues.’ Dr. Randolph Wong accomplished cardiothoracic surgeon, researcher, academic and artist 「长跑和读书都可相辅相成。例如实验证明,老鼠 持续探索不同地方,令海马体变大增加记忆力,亦有 研究指出的士司机的海马体较大,而海马体变大有利 记忆力,所以经常探索新路段的长跑选手记忆力会 较好,对读书自然有帮助。」 心理学系 周汉聂 谈如何「两栖」于长跑与读书 (《香港01》,2019年8月17日) p.06 ‘What I expect of my children is that they should be righteous, kind, warm-hearted, and cooperative. These qualities are more important than hard knowledge.’ paediatrician Dr. Emily Hung on parenting ‘The findings enable the large scale production and translation of single chain polymeric nanomaterials, which could only be produced in limited yield by conventional methods in the past, into a wide array of applications such as biomedicine, catalysis, and biosensing.’ Prof. Bian Liming of the Department of Biomedical Engineering on his novel method of preparing single chain nanomaterial 的 矢 录 / R emarkables