Newsletter No. 544

「如果在产前诊断中发现胎儿患 有临床显著的基因组失衡,就能 为孕妇及其家人提供更多资讯, 以助他们作出相应决定,并检视 日后的生育计划。」 医学院妇产科学系系主任 梁德杨教授 (「香港中大成功引入全基因组测序技术作胎儿产前诊断」, 《香港中国通讯社》,2019年9月18日) 的 矢 录 / R emarkables ‘To try to understand behaviour in terms of what physically and chemically happens in the brain and to make sense of it in the larger context is to me a wonderful piece of detective work that is intrinsically interesting.’ Prof. Nicholas Rawlins, Master of Morningside College p.02 ‘When we have a clear and comprehensive standard about how prices are set, insurers can be more certain in designing insurance products. I’ve reached out to the insurance sector and they were positive about our plan.’ Dr. Fung Hong, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of CUHK Medical Centre (‘CUHK hospital to open next year’, Hong Kong Standard , 17 September 2019) 「《粤港澳大湾区发展规划纲要》 等于把矽谷与华尔街集中于港深 一身,大湾区将成为中国经济发 展的新引擎。」 蓝饶富暨蓝凯丽经济学讲座教授 刘遵义教授 (「中国经济改革没有输家」, 《中国新闻网》,2019年9月14日) 「如中医医疗资讯系统引入《国际疾病与相关问题健康分类》中医部分, 并与西医CMS互通,或可尝试从临床实践中归纳结果,在传承学术思想 之余,亦可为将来研究开发中医药治疗香港常见疾病的新方药组合、疗 效、中西药共用安全性等方面踏出关键的第一步。」 中医学院 官可祈博士 (「从病历数据探索中医药传承」,《信报财经新闻》,2019年9月20日) ‘Under certain circumstances, an explosion could spread the virus. Part of the wave of the force of the explosion would carry it away from the site when it was first stored.’ Dr. Joseph Kam of the Stanley Ho Centre for Emerging Infectious Diseases (‘Explosion and fire break out at Russian lab known for housing deadly smallpox virus’, , 17 September 2019) ‘Microbial contamination is very serious. We can sometimes inactivate the bacteria, meaning they won’t multiply, or even kill them, and they really won’t come back again.’ Prof. Wong Po-keung of the School of Life Sciences, a microbiologist treating contaminated water p.05 ‘When kids feel like their privacy is really being invaded, what they tend to do is fortify the boundaries they perceive as around their personal stuff or personal information.’ Prof. Skyler Hawk of the Department of Educational Psychology (‘The Case Against Spying on Your Kids With Apps’, One Zero , 19 September 2019) 「现今核心家庭数目增,跨代关系 趋薄弱,相信计划可让学生藉 照顾长者,了解公共医疗政策的可 行性及局限,加强面对社会老龄 化挑战的应对能力。」 医学院院长 陈家亮教授 (「跨代共融计划 学生变长者『同伴』」, 《香港经济日报》,2019年9月20日) 08 # 5 4 4 | 0 4 . 1 0 . 2 0 1 9