Newsletter No. 549/550

10 # 5 4 9 / 5 5 0 | 0 4 . 0 1 . 2 0 2 0 一纸在手,感觉踏实。然而,为减少大量印刷对环境造成的损害,请与朋友分享本通讯,或上网( ) 阅览。谢谢您爱护环境。 We all like the feel of paper. But this newsletter will increase your carbon footprint. So share a copy with friends or read it online ( at your own leisure. Thank you for supporting the environment. 「人类永远有一种   灵活性,是机械人   无法取代的。」 2019年教资会杰出教学奖(新晋教学人员) 得主、机械与自动化工程学系 刘达铭教授 (〈访谈录:中大研究自动化工程学者 刘达铭〉,《信报财经新闻》, 2019年12月18日) 「很多香港及国际大企业 都在不断拓展中国市场, 因此极需要懂得中国法律 及法规的专才协助 拓展业务,选修中国 商业法的学员正好具备  这些专业知识。」 法学硕士课程主任 Anatole Boute 教授 〈中大法律学院研究生课程  紧贴市场状况 配合就业需要〉, 《香港经济日报》,2019年12月12日) p.07 ‘This award is recognition of our research at an early stage. With the research funds, our team can fully focus on cutting-edge research development that has a longer-term impact.’ Prof. Zhou Renjie, Department of Biomedical Engineering, on being awarded the Croucher Innovation Award 2019 ‘Starting off from developing a non-invasive prenatal test for Down syndrome, to applying the technology onto cancer screening for early diagnosis, our team hopes that the technology can be further applied to other areas and benefit more patients.’ Prof. Rossa Chiu, Associate Dean (Development) of Medicine and Choh-Ming Li Professor of Chemical Pathology, on being selected as one of the top translational researchers by Nature Biotechnology p.02 「黑暗可以比死更令   人恐惧。眼科医生能   助人从黑暗走进   光明,很有意义。」 香港十大杰出青年、眼科及视觉科学学系 任卓升教授 p.04 ‘Where charging may be a problem, we do not have to rely on batteries, as we can get energy direct from our own motion. It would be good for safety and emergency purposes.’ Prof. Liao Wei-hsin, Chairman of Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering, explains how the human knee harvester generates energy ‘We want to show that Hong Kong’s scientific research and technology can make a difference to the global medical community … We will continue to push forward our research and translate the discoveries for the good of humankind, to improve their health and wellbeing.’ Prof. Dennis Lo Yuk-ming, Associate Dean (Research) of Medicine and Chairman of the Department of Chemical Pathology, on being named by Nature Biotechnology a top translational researcher three years in a row and being the first Chinese recipient of the Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award p.07 ‘The future of anatomical science and biomedical science is highly promising and I look forward to strengthening cross-regional and inter-disciplinary collaborations at CUHK to bring a better future to human health.’ Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President, on being conferred Fellow of American Association of Anatomists 的 矢 录 / R emarkables